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What to watch in 2011

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!

As usual, a massive upload of predictions, ideas, forward-looking statements, but this one I rather say is quite cool!!

I like a lot nr 93 on transmedia, and more.. apps beyond mobile, storytelling applied to products, home energy monitors and, and.. and you go and enjoy!!!



Some facts about Social Media

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

The question, once, was about whether social media were a real (ahahah, LOL!!) stuff or something doomed, as some little examples within the social media ecosystem was suggesting…

Personally, apart from the FatBoy Slim soundtrack, I like the following statement: “the ROI of social media is your business will still exist in five years time”. More to come. Enjoy!!!

The Future of mobile applications.. or at least a glimpse..

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

This is rather interesting.. the future of mobile applications..

A range of “concepts” and approaches, technology and philosopy that will drive the next app revolution, including HTML5 and “blended approach”.

But most importantly, as said, it is not an either/or approach, developers do see the entire spectrum of mobile ecosystem and thus, again, technology is not a factor anymore, apps won’t be a factor in the coming future, so, what will eventually drive the customer choices? See this..

Developers can deploy one app across multiple platforms, for example. There’s no need to write different code for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and webOS when much the same code can be used in the browsers of each platform.

I strongly believe the extension of the transmedia concept will be the keystone. And it will not take much time before discovering the truth!! 🙂

Ah, BTW, the Web is becoming an application portfolio per se, but you surely know this by now…

Revise the LITO: a Living Information Tech Organism

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

The ecosystem outside is everchanging. And this is a fact. The social structure, its nodes and hubs is changing, mutating, constantly. And this is also a fact.

Our life and its components are increasingly interconnected by computers, software, wires and this is another fact. And we love to cache and share part of ourselves with the World. Fact, again.

So, to say the least, what we have here is a complex, evolving system. Alive. Half human and half machine? Not quite, or maybe yes.

Companies such as Microsoft have tagged their “software” as Live Software, others are creating “living” sites such as these.

We could actually mention that we have a LITO – Living Information Technology Organism.

If we try to create “something” that is reacting to mutations, we are also talking about a sensing structure that feels, reacts, reorganises, sends instructions to its terminations, it learns and evolve, constantly.

It is alive, then. Constantly upgrading, morphing, merging with the external reality to create another self.

And possibily in a Transmedia format..

So, it could be the case, for argument’s sake, that there is us in real life, in a physically known dimension and a combined entity with a human mind and an electronic permutation of a body (avatar or not is pointless here) that gives birth and life to dreams, expectations, ideas, contacts, relationships and whatever else.

Ready to be moved into the known physical space or not. But nevertheless alive.

This is the main differentiator of Social Web environment and the past: “Social”  in a thesaurus could have “alive” in the option list.

UPDATE: by the way, there are no two LITOs alike.. THINK!!

Nokia facing stiff competition.. again!! Part 3: whoooops!!!

October 22, 2010 Leave a comment

More data are coming out from darkness..

Nokia has certainly posted a nice profit, or considering last year results, that was a nice profit, and yet some hiccups are peppering the scenario:

  • sales in the core, high growth countries are not performing as expected, Middle East-Africa andAsiaPac are slowing down Q0Q and YoY (-10% / -6% and -12% /- 9% respectively)
  • Nokia high end market is improving, 3Q10 smartphone shippings are on the rise (26, 5m units), growing by 61% YoY, but the competition from Apple and Android is eroding opportunities in high growth areas, those traditionally favourable to the Finnish giant (low-priced handset running on Android are a rather interesting option in low-income countries..)
  • 1.800 jobs will thus be cut to revamp the company’s software strategy.

Which, ultimately, it is the problem. Software. And more than this the overall customer experience value net.

iPhone is a brand per se, iTunes same story, AppStore not worth mentioning, iPad, Apps, all brands. Android is a brand. Those are all user experiences.

Symbian is not. MeeGo not even close. OviStore is for the already-a-Nokia-client, won’t move people’s heart and conquer attention share..

Software makes the difference between an average experience and a XXI century one (which is an obvious statement, but if it is so obvious, why on earth we are here discussing those results!?)

Nokia still is a brand.

Experience value net is high in Apple, fairly high in Android, averge (?) with Nokia.

What to do is there, see whether Nokia is able to stand the challenge and take back the lead. Numbers may say the opposite, but Nokia is no longer a leader, is a rather fatigued chaser.

Nokia facing stiff competition.. again!! Part 2: the hero..

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

In Finland someone is beating the drums of war, heavily!

The (much) awaited results came in, and Nokia posted a significant +4,7% growth in sales revenue in 3Q10, this without the contribution of the new smartphone(s) that

the company hopes will reshape its fortunes

Nokia went back to profit, after a full year of rollercoaster, hitting the €529m net profit, back from a valley of tears in 2009 (- €559m same timeframe). It may well be this was done because of the dominant position in broad but yet (slightly) under-developed markets such as the ones we just commented about here.

All in all, this is a nice comeback, furthermore if considering there could be some better news ahead, provided the company does not “match race” the smartphone competition, but rather try and hit hard leveraging what is still a massive asset: the brand.

Ah, btw

Nokia shares soared after the earnings announcement, climbing 7.3% to €8.28.

Cheers anyone, this morning?! 🙂

Nokia facing stiff competition.. again!!

October 21, 2010 1 comment

Nokia new CEO Stephen Elop has got a massive challenge ahead: Nokia leading position into the mobile handset market has been challenged and almost eroded by a strange bunch of competitors.

Gone are the days in which you had to face a faster, or more creative manufacturer, today the duel is about creating hype and communities, experience and personalistion, create a new brand equity your customers will buy.

To state the truth, Nokia has still got a strong foothold into those growing econonmies, namely India, China and Indonesia (around what, 3bn people, say 70% potential phone users?), where actually the current disposable income does not allow the market to move away from “normal phones” and embrace the smartphone race..eventually not yet.

Overall Nokia seems to have dropped its stock price by a significant 32%,  and yet it seems that stock analysts from reputed firms such as Jefferies are slightly overlooking the impact Microsoft may have with its Windows Phone 7 newly launched OS, coupled with top-notch handset manufacturers to create a nicely knitted value net. It may be an endless slide..but..

All in all, we will see how the market will respond to the upcoming business results Nokia is going to post in a few hours, and still, market should not forget Nokia has got some US$10bn cash in the pocket to support a “deadly weapon” development, a new product able to push competitors out of the market!! New N8 won’t do that at all…. is ti because of the phone or the Symbian OS, a lessser (seemingly) choice if compared to Apple OS experience or Android (and, again, Win Phone 7..)

It would be nice, it is always nice to see an older hero taking back its place!! Kind of romantic, isn’t it?!?