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What to watch in 2011

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!

As usual, a massive upload of predictions, ideas, forward-looking statements, but this one I rather say is quite cool!!

I like a lot nr 93 on transmedia, and more.. apps beyond mobile, storytelling applied to products, home energy monitors and, and.. and you go and enjoy!!!



AOL and Yahoo, Google does it all.. is it time for Net Butlers?

October 15, 2010 2 comments

Is is real, are those just rumors?? AOL is really taking over to Yahoo? Is it happening??

This morning, whilst brewing my coffee, I heard about Google posting some massive growth (again):

“Google had an excellent quarter,” said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. “Our core business grew very well, and our newer businesses — particularly display and mobile — continued to show significant momentum. Going forward, we remain committed to aggressive investment in both our people and our products as we pursue an innovation agenda.”

More interestingly, the BBC reporter was stressing the fact that Google keeps on scanning and investing in a range of sectors, including green energies and other “amenities”..

What strikes me is the fact that a number of market super-powers are extending their reach to serve “the net” (as a whole planet of beings, rather than else, with peculiar needs and behaviours) as if they were perfect butlers, able to serve and satisfy any need, desire, wish..

We will increasingly have “working tables” upon which express ourselves, or ask for something to be delivered and arranged exactly the way we want. And you, out there, better be good at this!!

So, no more concentration on core businesses (for those who can extend beyond boundaries), no more ramping up towards excellence or evolution (you may simply put together some innovations and there you have, evolution..), but serve, serve, serve as to drag out as much as possible in attention share..

And, ultimately, this is what is (again, yep, again..) the main currency, attention. A few days ago, I went mad at someone trying to argument about “the client being at the center..” Poor little thing, the problem is not whether your small little business is putting the client as pivot of all its activity (as if you were able to do it..), but rather if YOU ARE AT THE CENTER OF ANY CUSTOMER ATTENTION…

Having an ego sometimes is like a curse..

PS Thanks to Trendwatching..

Digital Inwardness and Digital Intimacy (@BigThink)

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Thanks to Big Think, this is a nice and interesting way of looking at connectivity, interconnectivity and intimacy, or actually what is left of it!!!

Consider that and the Transmedia Digital Lifestyle..

Video and interview HERE!!

Personalised experience, news aggregation, a slatePC. It makes sense

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

It is, we said it, the dawn of a new era.. of what?!??

May not be the only concept, but experience personalisation is something we may get interested, aggregation of information, items, stuff, contacts, anything the way we want, where and how we want.. will we pay for it? It fits our own lifestyle (Digital Transmedia!), it fits our pace, it fits us, extraordinarily us, exclusively us, us at the centre of our universe.. massexclusivity, youniverse.. tribes and trends will have a possibility to emerge, digital butlers have a possibility to serve, on little trays now called slatePCs … everyone’s happy..

What a wonderful world!! 🙂

Google TV. Everyone does everything. Some of us do not exist anymore. Digital Transmedia Lifestyle or apartheid

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday Google opened officially its Google TV presentation website.

Some very quick considerations:

  • everybody, meaning the largest high-tech companies on the planet, does everything. It is a digital World after all, and it  is possible to operate in trasmedia modality

Transmedia is a way of following stories between platforms and between media.  It’s that simple.  It could be learning more about your favorite soap opera heroine through a twitter feed set up in her name.  Or it could involve taking part in a massive online game that fills in every detail of an expansive science fiction universe.  Transmedia facilitates the move from passive viewing to participation.  It’s about connection and collaboration.

  • Better still, your own life is a digital story that HAS to be transmedia to make sense to the overall society as we will know
  • High Tech companies are no longer “companies” in the old meaning of the word, but rather digital butlers of us all, serving multiple purposes, helping us sorting out our new “digital transmedia lifestyle”
  • A simple thing such as TV has become the realm of something radically different from the couch-potatoes primary entertainment source. It is vast, it is maybe complex, it is rewarding, it is all-inclusive, it is us, it is a lot..
  • For the above reasons and more to come, a large chunk of the “civilised” population today, is like already dead, surpassed, forgotten. Those uttering “that thing, you know, that internet stuff” are walking deads, those of us refusing to understand that we are moving from paper to something digital are blind and deaf, those without a digital ego are speechless, those who are not digital are the silent majority in a new apartheid.

Is this so? Is it so radical? What are REALLY the drivers of such revolution, no, hang on, EVOLUTION? Industrial profits? Maybe, but it is a complicated bet to play. Incremental innovation? Possibly, but it is a rather steep curve we are undertaking.. Human attitude towards communication? I rather believe the latter, with all its permutations and branching, with all its facets and complexities, it is the real, fundamental engine of it all. The end of last century and the beginning of XXI has slowly disintegrated all certainties, links, previous ecosystems, and in an unchartered territory, what is best to exchange ideas and feelings with your peers, as to regain confidence that what you are facing is no more, no less than what all the others are challenging as well?

From this onward, it is an easy game to play..

SlatePC on the rise, smartphone on the rise.. and salaries?!?

October 5, 2010 Leave a comment

As it seems, we are heading towards a massive technology upgrade, at society level. Slate PC are making more than simply the press, and most hardware producers are beefing up their portfolio with at least one model, ready for the Christmas rally , as mentioned before and at IFA Berlin. On tablet (slate) PC there is such a huge hype that are considered something like a media to deliver ad hoc value: Next, the UK high-street clothing company is going to sell own’s tablet PC.

Despite the fact that, when travelling this summer, in across Italy and Europe, I have seen a huge amount of netbooks and not one single iPad or the like (OK, iPad, so far..), it seems we are heading towards a massive deployment of tiny, intensive data usage devices (what about the User Generated Content once we deemed as the next big thing..) (won’t be able to do much on those “things”, or touch displays will be all capacitive and thus give the average user a good grasp on how to, say, modify a picture, give some comments on it, post it anywhere and respond to the comments into any given social site..).

On top of that, smartphones are posting growth as never before, the boost from Apple, then Android, then the new Windows Mobile OS, not to mention the steep move of RIM to release a new OS based on QNX, good for all devices (including, obviously, the new PlayBook):

Over a breakfast event today at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, a RIM VP confirmed that the QNX operating system announced in their new PlayBook tablet would in fact be finding its way to smartphones in the long run, and ultimately replace the existing BlackBerry OS. Of course that kind of major transition would take time, and he said BlackBerry 7 would likely be a stepping stone to a full switch.

So massive the rise, content providers are actually rushing to deliver for the smartphone market.

This is all so nice, ever so interesting. Still.. it is quite likely to grow in importance the “transmedia” concept (go browse!!), as it is actually interesting to notice that, in such a marry-go-round of good news, the overall consumer spending is rising, but a mere 0,4% in August (Forbes stated), whilst a Gallup research stresses the opposite. In EU, consumer confidence is on the rise (Northern?), but this does not immediately translate into “opening the purse” as nicely stated.

The point here is about levelling a tech hype, some due social advances, a dare need for innovation with a current historical and economic climate that does not cater for immediate commercial success. Better still, when analysing  market opportunities in high tech sectors, particularly in the consumer arena, quite rarely I have seen anyone take in consideration the variables such as disposable income, purchasing attitudes, replacement cycles, product substitute et alia.. far too easy to say, leveraging the top-notch sales performance into early adopters, big spenders clusters, that some “newConcept” will surge to stardom.

Markets are people. People are not made to buy technology. People are made to be happy, or dream about it.

What is an affordable, shared, valued dream? Is it really “my” dream?

It is just the start of the week, weather in Milan is grotty, thoughts may clutter a bit, but have a go at the above!

# follow friday, tweets everywhere and my cat got mad!

July 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I got hooked.

I had a Twitter account since ages (this being quite “relative”, I trust..), buth honestly had no intention to tweet about whatever.

Then, realising that being curious is a gift not to waste, I got into it..quite shyly at the beginning, and today a little bit more confident. Won’t be the chap with thousands of followers and able to follow masses of people, but in my critical way, I do use Twitter with a bunch of close friends and get info from a rather small circle of “informants”.

Today, one of these friend put me into this #followfriday frenzy!!!

You may know what that is… Anyone is suggesting @friends allover the place, something very much like the Facebook friend recommendation, I have started to follow the hash and got overwhelmed by an hefty flow of tweets, had to turn the PC speaker off, my cat was going absolutely crazy!!!

Now, this is all very nice, but why on earth I have to follow blindly those @godknowswho? I found on another website some sort of recommendation on who to follow, reason why and the like, and got already some nice insights into events, Web advances, comments on social networks, basically it was a good hint!!

But the rest… Is it something like “size matters”?

Or actually the quality of it all will become a factor? But into the social web, numbers are authority. If I have got a huge number of link/followers/readers/whatever, and leveraging the collective intelligence, and the ability of social systems to auto-calibrate for the best, then I do become de facto interesting. Saying what??

I mean, someone with 60K followers in the magic realm of hornpipes won’t really drive me crazy, nor does that person that is retweeting any little hiccup the World produces. So, back to the “if my friend tells me you are good, then you are good”.

Ultimately, then, size does not matter, whilst the power of reference does become a massive factor. Again.

Is then Twitter a way to scope out your real friends, those that really know you, those who really know your interests, the way you think, what is close to your heart? A bit like choosing a little present in a large Saturday market, that very small thing that would perfectly fit into my friend life!

It would be nice, very nice, unfortunately we still have to cope with hornpipes and the likes!!


Fine, this is all a bit excessive, it may be the heat here in Milan (it will be 35°C in an hour or so), be “twitter happy” and God bless.. 🙂

Have a good weekend you all!!