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May not be very business..

October 29, 2010 Leave a comment

but sometimes you have to unwind a bit!!

Try.. once.. it will be more than enough to hook you up for life!!

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Almost back…

April 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Gosh… almost back… for those of you that may be concerned at all, I am still alive!!! I have started to land into Giunti Labs, an Italian company which delivers software platforms and solution to support knowledge enhacement, learning and operation support management. I will be in charge of global strategic marketing… not an easy task, as you have noticed my last month has been fully dedicated in understanding where I am, on top of finding a house, not a trivial task…

However, I will have my Web connection ready and running in a matter of days, hopefully, and thus will be back on line and start posting again!!! In the meanwhile, you all take care!!!

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Life changes ever so quickly!!!!

March 10, 2008 Leave a comment

I have tried to always post something that could have remotely been of some interest to some of you, so this may come such a massive waste of your attention and overall cyber space, nevetheless… I have to announce that, after six and a half years I will be leaving my company, my job as consultant, will leave IDC and Milan all in one go, to pursue other paths… I will be heading South(ish..), facing the seaside…will become an International Strategic Marketing Manager, with responsibilities also on the Product Marketing side… huuuuuggeeee challenge which I welcome dearly!!

Professionally I trust is a great step forward for a number of different reasons, including the ability to influence a company’s direction and performance from within, from a lifestyle standpoints the gains are massive, will leave the city for some fresh air, next to my beloved sea, no match.

Personally this move will challenge us, yep, since Antonella, my fiancée, will begin this adventure with staying in Milan.. this will force us to go back and being “engaged”, and I truly thank technology, mobile connectivity, blackberry, and the entire lot as this will allow us to keep strongly in touch, well above and beyond phone calls! It won’t be easy, and as in any other aspect in life, some bad sides have to be there to balance the overall schema of things… this distance is one, and a large one! Still, we will manage.

Soooooo, there we are.. that is why I have been lagging in posting news, this is why for the first time since long I have not posted the Finger Food, this will be why I may not follow you all as I have done in the past!

Despite this, I will be keeping the pressure on, and will try my best and write as much as I can, particularly since this will allow all of us to foster a different analytical angle…

OK, time to go back and prepare the “to do” list, have to move a huge amount of stuff, have to copy email address, have to move part of my life!!!

See you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apple iTouch, Creative Zen or Samsung P2???

October 12, 2007 2 comments

I spend, roughly, around 2.5hrs/daily with my MP3 player on… public transports to go back and forth from home to work, gym three times a week, couple of hours, office God knows… 1Gb is currently not up to the task, I end up listening to the same stuff simply too often, and I am lazy, do not want to change the entire music collection every couple of days..

So, let’s change the baby, and whilst at it why not some video playback options???

Now, the basics are: min of 4Gb, FM radio as well, a min of 2.5 inch screen, openness to do whatever I want with whatever format (audio/video)..ah, yep, do not want to spend a zillion for something that will be surpassed in six months time..

Apple iTouch, Creative Zen and Samsung P2 are all sort of fitting the bill… what do you reckon???? iTouch has got some flashy features, plus web navigation… Creative has got all in it, plus SD expansion slot and apparently a strong codec conversion software, Samsung is sleek, and has got Bluetooth for file sharing….

Asking to my elite community to give out a vote, pinpoint your favourite, drag me out of uncertainty!!!

Waiting for your inputs, most welcome really!!

UPDATE: Got the Creative!!! And here is an usage update

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Broaden your horizon..

September 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Every now and then I like to share with you some feelings, ideas, simple thoughts about anything that sort of moves me somewhat.

As most of you, I like the idea of being part of a larger World than my immediate surroundings, I love the fact that lots of my friends are scattered allover the World and yet we keep in touch, we share bits of our lives and, ultimately, we grow together. Since I began travelling, I couldn’t stop longing for being on the move, by plane, car, boat, bike, feet, all but staying still.

Which, unfortunately, is something I have to do most of my time, workwise now, and because of a much greener age, some times ago. Damn.

To overcome the issue, and then long before working age, I started reading. Anything, really. I travelled first class to Asia with Salgari, and from that onward I went allover the place. Then I got into knowing things, and then again I read about anything I was remotely supposing could have been of any interest.

Today, Internet is grand!

Again, I do not say something new to anyone of you, you do exactly the same thing, possibly to a much higher extent, still I read every single day ePapers, news and sites from any place on Earth, I browse, explore, listen, watch, write, collate. I try and extend myself beyond physical boundaries, cultural traps and everyday’s boredom.

Today, the New York Times has opened up its wealth of knowledge and thinking to anyone interested. You may be readers already, or you did, so this is sort of pathetic, but to me that is another open door over something.. cannot wait to explore…

Then, I may find a good tip on where to head for my next trip (December holidays are coming soon…better book it..), and then there we are, reality and eReality come together nicely!!!!

A broader horizon is always a great gift.

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Ol’ days finally ended, time to move on…

July 2, 2007 Leave a comment

You all know you cannot follow everything and everyone… so it didn’t strike me until today and by utter chance that mid May my old employer Datamonitor was bought by Informa..

Do you believe me that this is a very emotional news altogether? Datamonitor was my first step in the market research and consulting industry, it was my first real job in London and it is about the very starting point of all I do represent today, for myself and for a bunch of very, very important people (important to me at least).

It is something like the final curtain over a time that is no longer, over my favorite bits of life, over a lots of things that are set deep into myself.. that was the place I used to go back when reality was somewhat unpleasant, when you had to dig for a little sparkle of energy, that was the place of my most precious treasures.

So, that is finally closed, at least in real terms, that London is no longer there, time to move on. But I will have another bit of stuff to carry on. Bag is a little bit heavier, today.

Am I allowed to say that I am sad?

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