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Bye Bye for now!

July 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello everyone…

since the outside world is moving fast, I won’t be able to update this blog for quite a whil, but Do folllow me on Twitter @alelorenze

and do keep an eye at  this is my new adventure, my new consultancy, my new …new!!!


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IBM innovation: 5 ways to change the World

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Here we are again, more predictions.. still, it is worthwhile having a look, particularly interesting the bit about batteries and “energy scavenging”, meaning (guess) draggin’ out energy from other sources that are producing and wasting some energy.. like you moving around (watches anyone?!)

Have a go!!

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The Business is Social.. so, happy 2011!!!

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I know.. I have been “away” for a while, but trust me I have been busy!! Had to launch another blog for the Italian sub of Computerworld (here it is, just in case.. ), met some chaps for new initiatives, tried out my new snowboard (pretty cool, admittingly!!!), and few more things that kept me from posting here..

Have to buy a smarter smartphone to be able to work whilst on the move.. no somethingPad, far too large for my taste..

So.. end of the year, lots of expectations for the coming 2011, a quieter environment, some luck, bit of money.. business is going to be social..

Bit of a mess, actually, there will be massive changes, some evolution, and yet .. something is missing.. I read on Wired Italy about the Pop-Economy, that thing made by people sharing, exchanging, swapping resources and goods.. I don’t know, maybe I should really start thinking that whilst the World is witnessing a tech evolution, underneath there is a social innovation movement that could really give us all a boost?!

It is nice to think so.

Happy New Year!

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Whatever you think..

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Love it

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CrossPlatform.. Adobe AIR for Android

October 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Same code, same source, one app, multiple devices..

You all know what this is all about! TDL.

And, since it is Friday eve, blog radio on AIR!!

Have a great WE!


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Nokia buys a piece of risiko in full swing!

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

It wouldn’t have taken an overpaid visionary to understand the mobile environment would have completely changed and re-shaped the World as we know it..

Today, the current situation is driven by manufacturers, which ultimately are fighting for customer attention share, lurking at different segments with high end devices, trying to sell the modern permutation of old VAS (Value Added Services) and contents/applications to enhance the user experience (remember DoCoMo..), thus creating not really walled gardens but “preferred hangouts” for customers of different sorts.

Operators’ money is (when lucky) flowing in by traffic, both voice and data, sale of application (revenue sharing..), device reselling and a bunch of few other little things. Feeling is they (operators) don’t count as once did.

So, historical handset behemoths (eg Motorola – please note that, for example, in Spain used to call any mobile phone as “Motorola”..) are today’s victims, whilst others are sitting with the Gods or are the Gods (eg Apple) of the mobile industry. Consolidation, thus, is part of the game, and competitive moves are significant, such as the recent acquisition of the wireless infrastructure business of Motorola by a very aggressive Nokia, for some US$1.2bn.

You may read aplenty about this, provided it is of some interest to you, but let me jot down a few considerations.

Quite significantly, there is an attempt to shift the battleground from sole direct control of customer device acquisition patterns to a more holistic control over the relationship operator-network evolution. This is interesting since it sort of assumes the war for customer attention over devices is settling down with diverse conglomerate Device Manufacturer-Operating System-Application Store, where players are defined, room to manouvre increasingly shrinking and customer attention a moveable target. Investments are on the heavy side to keep the competitive pressure going.

So, why not augment the OVERALL control, particularly when considering the first-hand information on what will be deployed in terms of innovative networks (read LTE?), so to gain a “(first) mover advantage” in developing ad hoc, leading edge, stunning devices and end-user terminals? And how about forging or hardening relationships with Operators in key markets (in terms of consistent revenue stream) such as the Japanese and US, as a potential fencing-off competitive tactic?

I may be utterly wrong, please accept my apologies, it has been a fairly hectic and strange Tuesday, but have a thought at it, it may end up making sense and thus changing the strategic standing of a few players..

You never know.. food for thoughts!!

Privacy? Do you SENS some trouble ahead?

July 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Steve Jobs went back in time (was that an app??) when claiming the golden faith of videocalls (something that, rightly said already, 3G phones are doing – but with no end user success of some sort – since ages..), and I got immediately hitchy about “privacy” .. then this!

SENS is a new service (we should be very, very careful with words, as a new friend yesterday pointed out..) which is basically hyper-augmenting your reality. This is the deal: your phone will be capable of displaying what your friends are doing (they will become shadow avatars..), when and in which environment:

The technology, intended for cell phone use, fuses together sensors to detect what a person is doing in the physical world, what the environment around them is doing, and what is happening on their mobile device. The whole thing is useful for on-the-go stalking, to be sure, but it’s just an extension of what we already do with apps like Foursquare and Twitter. But instead of asking users to check in or post updates, SENS automatically detects–and depicts–if a friend is playing a video game, listening to music, or text messaging on their phone.

Now, guess this is somewhat excessive? Clearly, you have opt-in/out capability, but still.. on the other hand there could be endless possibility of nice apps and really-useful-services, apart from simply disintegrating a massive number of relationships! More to come? Eventually, when batteries will be able to cope with everything!!

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