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February 29, 2008 Leave a comment

It is a weird Friday… there will be huge news in a few days, albeit on the personal side and thus may or may not interest you, nevertheless I’ll make sure to post that “update” as soon as I can…

In the meanwhile, I try to keep up with the Joneses and here it is… Friday Finger Food is served, a touch sparingly…

And more.. I knew I had to go back and play a bit of chess, now I am on the ol’skool side, and before I can get this social it will take forever… and there would me more stuff, and it is all the more unfortunate I have been called into a meeting provoked, incidentally, by that news I will illuminate you all next week!

In the meanwhile, have a great weekend!!!

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February 22, 2008 Leave a comment

What a week!!!! Had to work pretty hard, a couple of days spent in conference, some stress to build up a significant activity over this 2.0 stuff everybody (still) want to know about, plus a stack of book to read are looming from a corner in my lounge, my shoulder is sort of painful after kickboxing on Tuesday (fun, fun, fun nonetheless!!!), and seemingly, my snowboarding trip over to Livigno is not going to happen.. nevermind the buzzcocks, Finger Food is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember the story of that French bank, what was the name, ah, yes, Societe Generale, going head over heels because of a GordonGekko wannabe? There is seemingly a herd on the loose, since UBS, a slightly large Swiss bank, has got some similar problems… meanwhile, why not using tech properly, also to boost the economy?? Evolution does asks for its toll, sometimes, and quite sadly this time is Polaroid to go into the “nice memories” chest of drawers..sad, too sad…

An attempt to buy out 3Com by Chinese Huawey (IBM; PCs owners, remember??) has been immediately stopped as a matter of national security.. or something the likes.. More on 2.0, now is about free publishing of scientific papers, PLoS, a nice add after the YouTube for scientist, Scivee, that made my blog booming with hits when I posted about (OK, just because I put “…Tequila” in the title, spelled wrong, btw..).

How about moving contents from SecondLife to “Multiverse”??? Will SL grow to platform-status for other than socialising??? we said so.. nevermind IBM launched a 3-D datacenter in OpenSim..

And plenty more stuff… China does not like US to go about shooting in the sky,  Serbs do not like Kossovo being independent and make sure the World knows about their feelings, Facebook faces its first decline in zillion of months of steep growth (look out for a new 2.0 champion!!!) (but do not say it too loud, yet..), and Google goes on the Moon!!!!

OK, let’s stop it here, there is a computer-addict syndrome looming ahead!!! So head for the beach, hit the slopes with your boards, do something unspeakable with your lovey-lovey, but heck, leave that keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or, otherwise, see you next week!!!


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February 15, 2008 Leave a comment

One year ago I was engaged by an organisation to revamp their internal structure and to revise their Web strategy to make the most of the social evolution Internet was consolidating into a massive evolutionary step. So, I said to myself, guess it is about time you do start to participate, dive into the synthetic world, experience to the fullest possible extent.

Now, considering that the entirety of what is around actually fits all, I decided that writing down some stuff would have suit me fine, adding some bits and bobs along the road.. so, one year ago this blog saw the cyber-light!!!!

It has been quite an amazing year, now that I come to think to that, I have significantly changed the way I do work, the way I experience the World around, my thirst for new “things” has exponentially augmented and, in parallel, I notice that the more I have enlarged my personal boundaries (provided I have any at all), the more a subtle feeling of dissatisfaction was crawling alongside the more positive feeling of being exploring a path to the future (or whatever it may be, good fun nonetheless…).. it may be what a professor was calling “mediatic illnesses”… a strange group of pathologies that stem out from the endless crossroads, opportunities, possibilities, connections, informations.. it comes from abundance, pretty much like obesity for the First World countries comes out of the utter food abundance..

Nevertheless, I love being in this time-space location, it is ever so interesting, a damn evolutionary ditch we are about to jump and surpass, love to see what is on the other side.. provided we avoid the curse looming over 2012!!!!

So, whilst I am singing “happy birthday to 88days!!”, you may well keep on and enjoy this Friday’s Finger Food!!!!

  • Whilst the entire World is getting ready for a-smartphone-in-every-hand approach Barcelona seems to suggest, someone is arguing that even a champion of consumer digitalisation such as Apple may start feeling the hard truth behind a recession… a CMO stated that the first cutback in consumer expenditure should and potentially will be in entertainment and then on home improvements.. maybe in US, I recall a similar survey for Italy and we are supposed to cut back on food.. what about all those assumptions are a pile of rubbish, particularly when set up to justify an already-defined position?? My thought, mind you…
  • Future??? Look eastwards, towards the rising sun..

Japan’s 100 million cell-phone users represent the most diverse—and discriminating—pool of mobile subscribers on the planet.

  • I still believe, as it was back in early 2000s, Japan may have some lessons to give out.. watch out in Shibuya, Omotesando and Ginza, should you like to be an high tech leader in the coming years…

Says software engineer Ken Wakasa: “People’s expectations are very high here compared to other regions. That’s why we get good feedback.”

And it is all about “expectation economy”, for those of you still there to understand what the experience economy is (was, fool, was)!! You don’t care? Fine, history will forget about you ever existed at all..

  • Incidentally, most big guys including Intel do believe the World is going to be curious, fast paced, full of expectation and mobile… there you are, dished out.. (more on silicon chips here and here… a nice war is undergoing???)
  • And, furthermore, there is an increased attention in building up conglomerates of must-have brands working sort of holistically together, such as some talks between Nokia and Google are actually suggesting.. markets are getting slightly complicated, much better to lock in customers in a well defined experience than having them wandering about..
  • It is complicated by tech, economies, geopolitical trends and also by the chromosome sets you may have.. men love user-generated contents, women like streaming.. you do whatever you like with these insights, on top of painting gizmos in titanium grey or fluffy pink …
  • Yesterday a journalist asked me about Web 2.0 and its impact over the financial services, and there was a question about what banks do in SecondLife.. going away from it, as it seems… banks may be slightly more worried about the impact of global crisis, and less about avatars… won’t discuss any further, should you love chatting about it, let me know and I will oblige happily..

And, more.. let alone the above mentioned wars and squabbles, the social networking arena is also adding to the scenario complexity, M&A all around… (interesting, if cleared from some silliness such as these..); Murdoch builds up a Web sort-of incubator, whist chatting about with Yahoo..ops… get one out of many Barcelona Mobile World Congress reportsLBS and maps, plus mobile advertising to come, ouch!!

NY Times made the headlines when decided to have a free-for-all Web version of the daily, now it is cutting down by a 100 its editorial jobs…. Japan seems to be out of doldrums..

And, yes, now quitting Facebook is getting slightly less complicated.. not that my post had anything to do with it, clearly!!!

Fine, there we are… I desperately want to close this week, the opening of the next one will be smashing, I have to head a two-days conference in Milan about virtualisation and enterprise 2.0, hope I can report about the outcomes! In the meanwhile, have a nice weekend!!!!

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February 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Fine.. I know I have been lagging a bit recently, but to my partial justification, I have got an hell of a lot of things to do, conference to cover plus a deadly number-crunching exercise to pester my days and haunt my nights!! Plus a few more other stuff…

And, to add to the list, today is not much better.. however, I have to collect as much as possible in Finger Food, as to keep you going until the storm subside!! So, there we are, very little commenting, hot links and have a nice ride!!!!

Being on social networks may also be deadly boring!!

On Microsoft, Yahoo and some Google intervention!

And, wow, Yahoo shares are above the MS offer!!! 

Meanwhile, in Japan who owns the Web owns the future, no Yahoo shares’ selling here!!! 

China is opening its eDoors during the Olympics???? 

Firefox Mobile??? Hidden behind your screen!! 

Developers Kit for the iPhone due on February, as it seems! 

A very mobile “mobile phone”??? huh??? 

Motorola on sale and nobody’s opening the wallet!! 

Dubai is increasingly “dubaiest”!!!! ù

And Spain enjoys it!!! 

Global warming?? So do not waste water, then!!! 

More about water and “green development”. 

Incidentally, LG and “green air conditioning..” 

In the Web, an OpenID is marching fast.. 

And, in times of subprime crisis, the Germans stand solidly!! 

Gosh, bit of a run-down version of Finger Food, but I trust this will do for a few days, I will catch you next week, in the meanwhile, enjoy the weekend, some sunshine should you be around Italy and, why not, the rugby Six Nations games!!!!!


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February 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Here we are.. Friday finally!!! A slightly grotty weather outside, sort of dump and warmish, welcomes the arrive of the overly-deserved weekend and, clearly, a new FingerFood session, marked by some eye-popping events..

  • The biggest one of which I trust is the hostile offer Microsoft has just launched for buying out Yahoo, a smashing $44.6 billion, aka a 60%+ premium over last stock valuation… it is planned as a potential countermeasure against Google overwhelming power, and yet it is a subtle balancing act the one Redmond is looking to undertake.. merging such as the potential one above are re-defining the marketplace and as such the complexity involved is beyond management comprehension… we shall see more of it, and not sure it will be a nice sight altogether!
  • Ah, by the way, is Microsoft also paying for the proposed acquisition of Maven Networks Yahoo is going to close??? Mind you, peanuts.. $150 million….
  • In the meanwhile, Google is sort of staying put, missing some analysts’ expectations.. the war is about to blow up…
  • So, a nice add is this set of earnings alert… cautious SAP and Sony, whilst Nintendo is still swirling merrily like the jazz I am listening right now!!
  • Once we were cyber… and today we are all greener than Ireland!!! Nice one, it seems green tech investments are outpacing those Web-related ..
  • The US telecom world is getting sort of static and complex at the same time.. say that, after having distributed technology and some advanced solutions, now it is a matter of understanding how to improve service bundles???
  • Incidentally, Motorola suggests it may sell or spin off (you name it..) its cell phone division, given the on-going slipping off in the global ranking since the 2004 Razr success… (an eye on the actual results from Kodak should eventually be a nice reading on how to spin off effectively, or else…) … Samsung climbed at 2nd via superior R&D efforts, ruthless quest for top notch design and an eye to tech specs… there will be what?? An Asian powerhouse to face the full Nokia blow??? nice…
  • Amazon is sooooo busy now assembling Kindles, that you may not find someone sending you a paperback… demand rising, everyone’s happy, then!!

And more.. whilst shopping heavily, Microsoft has got also time to set up an Innovation Lab in Dubai, the war on HD formats is still on despite, admittingly, BlueRay has got that something more in terms of branding capability(HD DVD, please..) … China starts to face the hard truth, being part of the global gotha of market-driven countries comes with some hardship as well..  and, and, and… and I have to jump into an unforeseen meeting before running off Milan for the weekend..

So I must say.. this is it for now, have a nice weekend you all and catch you next week… a busy one, mind you, having to present the evolution of “Homo 2.0” as I called the social implication of the more famous Web 2.0 impact.. than I will be off and give a speech on virtualisation strategy and impact over the Enterprise 2.0 evolution.. gosh.. hope someone will soon consolidate the Something 3.0, I am getting slightly bored… See you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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January 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Today is a pretty weird day… the Italian government fell under the strikes of some swingers within its grouping, leaving behind part of the Italian electorate cheering at the event, whilst there should be vast amass of worries to begin with…however, there will be plenty of time and room to discuss, should this be of any interest, such a drama as the Italian political scene..needless to say, timing is most inappropriate, given the economic and political scenario looming ahead, coupled with an array of international challenges difficult to understand and analyse by those who do not think “systemically” but care for their own wallet..

Still, it’s Friday nevermind what, so it is about time to have our Finger Food ready for nibbling, so there we are!!!

  • Noblesse oblige, I have to include some comments (international, just in case) about Italian recent political turnaround… long since someone said “it is not impossible to govern Italians, it is useless..” and by the way the owner of this sentence and myself are radically at opposite political views.. I rather quote “Obi Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope”, and see whether there is life in outerspace, it may help us a tad..
  • Second massive news spot: Davos!!! It is all getting along nicely, with plenty to discuss about sovereign funds, supposedly going to run the universal fate, something Soros was accustomed to, and something about how green is your backyard or, rather, some chit-chat over the recent turbulence on global economy… full blown event here!
  • John Donahoe is the new eBay CEO and will have to lift the company to the former glory.. daunting task, mind you, since the market has got a number of new Web darlings, the site has witnessed some harsh time with eCrooks (nice one!!)..long term, a give us something new to cheer about, John.. mind you, it was going all that bad, according to Compete
  • Windows Vista and its new upgrade!?!?!?!? ROTFWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please….. or are you rather thinking about Windows 7???? and IE8??? seriously guys, you should stop those pills..
  • In the meanwhile, Dell is adding Ubuntu Linux to its flashy XPS range of PCs, on top of some more dull Inspiron.. just a nice change, isn’t it??? UbuWhat????? Gosh.. there you are!
  • Wikipedia would like to know why those who post on Wiki actually do so… ego, for heaven’s sake, ego!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or willingness to participate to something worthwhile, interest, keen on sharing…plenty of reasons, including something like “spare time to waste in a constructive manner apart from running wild with SecondLife..”
  • The above statement about spare time to waste in a constructive manner has always included “reading” within answers’ range.. as found, there is a booby trap in the library: some books make you dumb.. or dumber, depending on the case… follow the link, fun to see…
  • Millions of millions of users for virtual or synthetic worlds.. but how many??? 173 million to latest K Zero counts.. and growing, I trust… an hefty population that would be probably interested in cross checking what’s behind the fence..
  • Everything is “Open”, and at CES this was remarkably undelined.. however, and the Italian politics with 39 parties running the show may testify, too much choice turns out to be unproductive and detrimental, as highlighted in the linked post, particularly when referring to consumer electronics, open connectivity, wireless industry and such… , I believe there is some wisdom here to put at work….!!
  • To add to complexity, MySpace will begin offering videos since its latest agreements with BBC and ABC.. gosh, my eves are going to get complicated, must revamp the PC home section, I believe.. don’t you find however quite boring the fact that everybody does everything just to lure you?? Is the concept of “champion” such an absurdity today?? I rather have variety..
  • Diamonds may actually be girls’ best friends, but gold and platinum are surely best buddies of scared investors and shaken markets!!! Record highs for both in the last few days…
  • America begins to realise that hegemony is a dream long gone, the planet complexity is beyond control, or at least is a long shot away from a single country ability to manouvre.. multi-polarity is an issue to face, disgregation of power and the rise of micro-geopolitical centers.. working at the edge of chaos, managing complexity, augmenting the overall reaction capability, improve lateral thinking are paramount for companies, nevermind a country… a nice primordial broth..

Plus, some nice earnings alert to care for (including those down-putting statements from Apple, however bloated with Air it may be.. and the reason behind Nokia success…), Dubai is working hard to became the Islamic world financial hub, Billy Gates is patting on the back of world leaders from the Davos speaker corner, a chart about East meet West sort of chat..

Virgin Galactic is gettin’ out (but the outer space is not the only target, India may be a nice alternative still).. and playing with toys makes the life and story of Nintendo a nice tale, above all expectations (price rising in Japan..), China is still running fast, but some sweat on its forehead begins to show, together with some social “modernities”, sort of…

Right.. time to close up this session, the sky is clear, temperature is sort of late winter, early spring like, tomorrow I will hit the slopes to try out my new snowboard boots (nice sturdy Nitro Anthem, a picture is here, just in case…), hope to be back on Monday and with all my pieces at the right place!!!

Have a nice weekend you all!!!

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January 18, 2008 Leave a comment

It is a gorgeous day in Milan, the sun is shining bright and it seems winter is out of the way, at least for some time.. it feels like Spring, and these will be our first Finger Food “al fresco” for 2008!!!

  • Web 2.0 or anything .0 is increasingly perceived (finally, for Heaven’s sake..) as a potential business tool, or at least it is appreciated people discuss about markets, business, companies et alia not only in meeting rooms or at coffee machines… StrategyEye is supposed to gather and analyse this amass of blurb… nice one, guys, nice one.. you may end up being bought by some research powerhouse and drop working in London SW borough in a matter of a blink!!!
  • YouTube is still in the leading position…oh, yes, we are talking about videos here.. in this Compete post, there is a clear market picture that suggests how YouTubers are more active than any other video-community on the Web… what is the main differential driving users to roughly quadruple the visits on this site compared to the behaviour of other groups??? Recipe for success anyone??
  • Some time ago, in a far far away galaxy, we heard about Google mimicking Microsoft and blatantly searching for a similar spotlight.. there came the desktop application, the interest in the corporate environment, the “me, everywhere” sort of approach and, last but not least, the .org after the name.. philanthropy is on the agenda of the Fantastic Duo, but as it seems here, it will take a Google-only road..
  • Oracle is back!!! And BEA was then gobbled down and digested! BUT the M&A frenzy is hitting badly, and Sun goes shopping too.. MySQL is on the menu! Nice add for both, albeit of different magnitude and overall strategic and branding value.. will we see more of it??? Some likely picks could possibly be Compuware and Unisys…the industry said..
  • A friend of mine just told me that the UK marketplace is looking for replenishments, people to foster and support the growth..incidentally this was a nice supporting article! And, i we want to consider that in US the situation is heading the very opposite direction (unemployment rising over 5%…), two hypothesis: US is definitely on a crisis landslide, and the global power may shift a little bit over to Europe and some Far East, and there it goes, or there will be another geopolitical trouble spot to sort out with a nice and surgical war… debatable?? Of course, help yourself!!!!
  • By the way, European corporation are increasingly looking eastward… andSouth, to be fair… and where there will be some sort of potential and market development… right, yes..
  • The week has been also pestered by the MacWorld event.. ok, should you be at all interested (and you should, who knows, there may be some directions you may want to tackle…) here are the Day One, Day Two and Day Three roundups… just in case you have nothing better to do!!!!!!!
  • Funny, though… there will be a new definition of “pitch black” coming shortly, since with nanotubes some scientists have created the ultimate black, an hellish substance that will eat the light and give nothing in return apart from that shiny and quite worrying shade of black… mind you, it would look amazing on my motorbike….
  • Nevemind what, SecondLife economy is there and growing… mind you, that “charging VAT” thing….
  • Meanwhile, it seems there is a lot of talking about the “evolution” of the role of Second Life.. I had some little chat with Nobody here, and there are also some projects on how to back up the entire experience of a synthetic world, as to preserve its essence for future reference … the interesting debate stemming from this post is about the determination of value, what is fundamental to be backed up and what can eventually disappear into the dust of time… SL, as possibly the entire social computing evolution, is not easy to frame, since it is fundamentally composed and brought to life by people, their feelings, needs and creativity. Back up that, then…
  • Whilst talking, China is about to overtake US as the leading Internet market worldwide, in overall number of users.. that was not exactly a tough prediction to make, wasn’t it???
  • Rankings, more rankings.. the 2007 top growing web sites!!!  Ok, there is some little “red lights” here, but apart from the obvious, it is interesting to notice the P2P bias of the rank.. now that we are all connected, what’s next??? making the most of the connection, I believe…

By the way, since I believe that the above is more that enough, and considering that I am desperately crying for some early sunshine, I believe I may leave you with this early 2008 Finger Food, with a small recommendation: take your time, slow down, do not get bogged by evolution, IT, the Web, best of all, do not be a “Google generation“.. impatience does lead to skim the surface  and miss the innermost.. to play with words a bit “life is best lived where Googlers fear to tread”!!

Enjoy your weekend, catch you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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