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Use of Social Networks: fundamentals for B2B marketeers

July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Absolutely a “must see”!! And think..after!

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# follow friday, tweets everywhere and my cat got mad!

July 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I got hooked.

I had a Twitter account since ages (this being quite “relative”, I trust..), buth honestly had no intention to tweet about whatever.

Then, realising that being curious is a gift not to waste, I got into it..quite shyly at the beginning, and today a little bit more confident. Won’t be the chap with thousands of followers and able to follow masses of people, but in my critical way, I do use Twitter with a bunch of close friends and get info from a rather small circle of “informants”.

Today, one of these friend put me into this #followfriday frenzy!!!

You may know what that is… Anyone is suggesting @friends allover the place, something very much like the Facebook friend recommendation, I have started to follow the hash and got overwhelmed by an hefty flow of tweets, had to turn the PC speaker off, my cat was going absolutely crazy!!!

Now, this is all very nice, but why on earth I have to follow blindly those @godknowswho? I found on another website some sort of recommendation on who to follow, reason why and the like, and got already some nice insights into events, Web advances, comments on social networks, basically it was a good hint!!

But the rest… Is it something like “size matters”?

Or actually the quality of it all will become a factor? But into the social web, numbers are authority. If I have got a huge number of link/followers/readers/whatever, and leveraging the collective intelligence, and the ability of social systems to auto-calibrate for the best, then I do become de facto interesting. Saying what??

I mean, someone with 60K followers in the magic realm of hornpipes won’t really drive me crazy, nor does that person that is retweeting any little hiccup the World produces. So, back to the “if my friend tells me you are good, then you are good”.

Ultimately, then, size does not matter, whilst the power of reference does become a massive factor. Again.

Is then Twitter a way to scope out your real friends, those that really know you, those who really know your interests, the way you think, what is close to your heart? A bit like choosing a little present in a large Saturday market, that very small thing that would perfectly fit into my friend life!

It would be nice, very nice, unfortunately we still have to cope with hornpipes and the likes!!


Fine, this is all a bit excessive, it may be the heat here in Milan (it will be 35°C in an hour or so), be “twitter happy” and God bless.. 🙂

Have a good weekend you all!!

Always connected.. what about me, myself and I?? No probs, got a Big Mother!!!

May 31, 2010 Leave a comment

There is something fantastic in being able not to feel alone in any situation that life may throws at you..if you have been dumped by your beloved, if you don’t know what the heck is an aspidistra, if your brand new iPad (ahahahah!!!) let you down in the middle of a whatever-fancy-stuff-you-were-doing, if, ififififififif, if.. no matter what, you are or could (could??) be with someone, instantly, and not feeling alone, no more dragging you out from the pit with just your own forces, no more. Thanks to connectivity, broadband, 3G, WiFi, anything you use to link your pc, netbook, smartphone to the World.

Instead of a Big Brother, we do have now a Big Mother… no more finding your way out of trouble,someone did already forge your path out of foggy times…

Since there is an advantage in being so hyperconnected, we kept on adding, and we posted, and we allowed, and we posted again, and uploaded, shared, commented, ranked…

Then, you know what, “Privacy” begun to transform from a “legal” issue to protect to currently something to learn about.. and I could not agree more with this.. I truly understand the plethora of possibility, the incredible array of potential, the stunning power of being connected, but should not we go back in learning how beautiful is to walk around and being almost invisible, how wonderful is to get lost somewhere (as one advert was claiming some times ago..), how relaxing is the thought of the World spinning around nevermind you..

I am not certainly saying we “should go back”, but I am surely saying we “should learn how” to be a new human being into a new society canvass. Are we educated enough to understand that the World is also propelling ahead because of someone took his time to sit down and think, in silence, finding a new, real brand new path out of troubles, whatever they were? Are we really “innovating” or instead transforming the shared thoughts into something? Is this innovation or is a way to serve the most, in the easiest possible way, this being giving them what they want? Isn’t this Consumerism to its fullest extent and nothing to do with Innovation? And, more importantly, are we evolving or we are retrenching into sorting out basic but shared needs and thus Icarus is falling back on Earth again??

Or, more simple and less tragic, are we sure we do always have something intersting to say and worth sharing with the rest of the Planet? Isn’t this arrogance?

Just for the sake of argument, mind you…and I am not twitting this..

iPhone with x-ray vision???

September 12, 2008 Leave a comment

There we are again… I promise (not that you were dying for this..) that I will try and keep this blog space kind of alive from the darkness again!!

So, to start with something interesting, here we are… as you all know, Japan is potentially the most interesting country in terms of mobile usage. I am talking about the actual mobile lifestyle that is alive and kicking in the streets of, say, Tokyo, and the amount of attention the mobile world absorb.

Since the early days of DoCoMo and its venture into the territory of the revenue sharing models, Japan has witnessed a plethora of interesting, useful and appealing services flourishing and landing over the mobile handsets Japanese provide not to have farthest than a meter from their hands… mobile in Japan is not simply technology, but a prosthesis..

Having said all of the above, a company called Tonchidot (team of six…) has created what they called Sekai Camera. A “camera” function that, geotagging your location whilst you literally walk around, provides your iPhone with information about the object/item/monument/whatever you are bashing into it at a given moment…

Fine.. at TechCrunch 50 the audience went off the roof, seemingly..

What sounds slightly complex is the geotagging capability, GPS based, into a supermarket.. still, impressive how six people, highly focused and with a vision, are able to stirr attention this way!!
Lovely, back to the garage?!??!???!

There is always hope…

Notes and unstructured thoughts on 2.0… Homo 2.0???

February 22, 2008 Leave a comment

I have to admit, this blog is also very useful to have all your notes in one place, some sort of repository of (hopefully) fairly intelligent thinking…

So, since I will have to work pretty heavily on the entire spectrum of the 2.0 saga, I have to jot down some notes… ah, yep, I will be part of the discussion tables at the closing event of the IDC Innovation Forum that will be held in Milan next March (here is the info and whereabouts of the Forum), with the likes of Don Tapscott, Derrick De Kerckhove and a stack of Web pundits, artists and creatives, it will be a blast, believe me!!

Right, so… notes… the evolutionary path is, quite nicely indeed, a sort of step back to the village-like, tribal relationships of the societies pre-industrial revolution. There is a reprise, this time thanks to technology and with no Luddites in sight, of the necessity to exchange human relationship with the “piazza” of my liking.

It is even more important aspects of this evolution. Globally, you may have noticed, there is a massive outburst of social-related activities, themes, actions, whatever… green campaigns, humanitarian efforts, sustainable economies, cultural crossovers, it is a huge mixing, bridging, communicating, helping.. it seems like there is a real, planetary conscience that is guiding some acts of a large number of people.

I happened to discuss this with some Web experts at the recent Enteprise 2.0 conference and with a couple of university professors in the past couple of weeks, and we were all very interested of the implications. The question was whether it is the Web-network evolution that have ignited the process or it is rather a genetic attitude of mankind to seek for the community that has enabled the Web to become the social network we know today. The more techy amongst us actually feel like the hype and the “media” coverage upon Internet since the early 2000s is the real engine of this renewed planetary surge of the masses, whilst there has been a flimsy quoting the Band Aid in1984 as potentially the first massive conscience raising that have triggered the necessity to a better and more tight communication amongst actors in the social canvass… nice altogether.. guess we can really state that all the most innovative or evolutionary tech advances stem from a “communication” need, that is for sure..

What is more interesting it the actual disintegration of some capitalistic logics thanks to the Web and the social implication deriving from an hyper-connected World. The shift of power from producers to users is a substantial change in the orthodoxy and liturgy of the economy rite. What is indeed scarcely perceived and increasingly kept under the radar by who-knows-who is the actual revolutionary power of the Web as it is structured nowdays. It would be possible to reorganise and determine social canvasses, political agendas, country foreign political position by the power of referral, by free-flowing information, by scarcely controllable exchange of view points by geographically dispersed groups of people.. you know what I intend, being “discussant” is ever more powerful than simply being “listener”.. yet, this is kept under control by painting the entire “thing” as a youngish, sort of head-in-the-clouds stuff, the social Web is about SecondLife, some music sharing quite often via illegal platforms, photos, videos and rubbish like that.. you know, young stuff has never been very dangerous.. whilst the reality is about a massive net of brains working in well determined and shared directions.

I am personally stressing the concept of “brain-sourcing” as the highest effect of the “crowdsourcing” phenomena or the entire social evolution of the Web.. more so, why not using “GridBraining”????

So, it is a new specimen of human being that is born before our eyes or it is simply a permutation of the actual?? Is the Web something we use, we live, or is a prosthetic of our selves??? There is something like an “Homo 2.0”??? Video of my presentation at the Turin School of Business (audio in italian, for the slides let me know,  it is IDC stuff and copyrighted..) … More to come…

Enterprise 2.0 and an interested Italian audience

February 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Just back in the office after a long two-day conference, held in Milan, on Virtualisation and Enterprise 2.0. I run as speaker and chairman some of the sessions yesterday and the entire of today’s discussion on E2.0.

Admittingly, I have tried to get all speeches and presentations on Monday as a sort of preparation for today big show.. I trust it went real fine!!!

Virtualisation technologies and SOA strategies have, admittingly, set up the enterprise IT environment to dynamically absorb all potential changes stemming from the E2.0 evolution. Most interestingly, we run a small in-conference survey on SOA perception, and over 50% of respondents admitted SOA was a fundamental pillar to respond efficiently to any potential market change. Very little about the techology complexity mix, very little about the nitty-gritty details on virtualisation (despite an hefty presence of VMware…), a lot of attention and feedback on the implied strategic and business changes SOA may enable. Cool.

Today the event went even better.. the room was full of very interested attendees, and the conversation, thanks to the two opening speeches, was directed toward the Web 2.0 social impact and the aftermath within the enterprise environment. The Q&A session went on forever (had to stop it at the end, quite an unique occurrence, I dare say..), the audience was most interested into networking math theories, Barabasi, adaptive systems and the complexity theory… questioning was raising towards the panel (myself, the italian managing director of Viadeo, Pietro Gentile, vice president of Intermedia and journalist expert in 2.0 topics, Claudio Pasqua, SEO and an early enthusiast of social networking and evolutionary web theories) as to address all those issues, asking for some clarification on likely futures opening up in front of the business community, about personality “caching” and data security, the evolution of Second Life and synthetic worlds… honestly, up until yesterday I had in front of me an audience that, when listening to such topics, coupled with words such as “change”, “strategy”, “evolution” et alia, most time was head-shaking, smiling, doing all sort of body-language mix up as to say “rubbish”..

We have all being absolutely stunned by the response, the interest, the willingness to know more and act accordingly. I have also to admit, there is very little knowledge on the fundamentals of the complexity theory, small worlds and the rest of, say, Barabasi thinking are far from being well distributed and understood, and yet I trust there is a massive change in approaching the systemic evolution of the enterprise into a rather more performing, market aware and “discussion-driven” actor. These are good news, more to come as soon as I have gathered some feedback and organised my thoughts!!

nvohk… crowdsourcing in management, or a nice try?!?!?

February 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Browsing around, I bashed into a strange sort of a project.. nvohk, of which you find the banner down my sidebar, is a nice attempt to build up a community that will contribute to run (partially) an eco-friendly clothing company..

For a rather smallish annual fee, you are entitled to participate to such decisions as logo design, advertising strategy, marketing et alia… some of the “perks” of being part of this experiment are, I believe, rather intangible, as per the satisfaction to be “in the process” whilst the idea of having about 35% of profit shared with the members in form of “buying certificates” for nvohk products is kind of nice…

Yet, it won’t change the world, it will definitely pump some fresh air into my wardrobe (eventually..), will have me as part of a social-conscious community, and I may say “been there” should the thing really boom up!! Most of all, it is a nice experiment, someone called “socialism 2.0”.. nobody did??? OK, let’s do it from here, then!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is truly amazing…