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The Business is Social.. so, happy 2011!!!

I know.. I have been “away” for a while, but trust me I have been busy!! Had to launch another blog for the Italian sub of Computerworld (here it is, just in case.. ), met some chaps for new initiatives, tried out my new snowboard (pretty cool, admittingly!!!), and few more things that kept me from posting here..

Have to buy a smarter smartphone to be able to work whilst on the move.. no somethingPad, far too large for my taste..

So.. end of the year, lots of expectations for the coming 2011, a quieter environment, some luck, bit of money.. business is going to be social..

Bit of a mess, actually, there will be massive changes, some evolution, and yet .. something is missing.. I read on Wired Italy about the Pop-Economy, that thing made by people sharing, exchanging, swapping resources and goods.. I don’t know, maybe I should really start thinking that whilst the World is witnessing a tech evolution, underneath there is a social innovation movement that could really give us all a boost?!

It is nice to think so.

Happy New Year!

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