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eReaders, iPad and Transmedia, again!! Evolution or Innovation?

Jingle bells, jingle bells!! xMas is coming our way and everyone gets excited, despite the glooming news on employment and consumer spending, for another hi-tech spending frenzy!

This time is all about eReader and slate PC.

How to boast the lust for a fancy little piece of tech? Quite likely telling the rest of us that the coolest of human beings have already their own device to play with, and to have a decent lifestyle we cannot miss the opportunity to join the club of the Hippest.. so, research aplenty are showing a bunch of “interesting” (seemingly) data, such as this piece:

A separate survey of 1,816 U.S. adults conducted Sept. 17-23 by the Harrison Group on behalf of Zinio, the digital magazine publisher, found that consumers who own tablet computers (including the iPad) or e-readers spend 50% more time reading magazines, on average, than people who don’t own such a device.

Now, the question may be: reading magazines over digital media or what? Nicely, here came the answer:

It’s not clear whether the extra time spent reading magazines occurred on the e-readers or tablet computers. But 73% of respondents who own a device said they believe content downloaded on one digital platform should be available to them on other platforms — for example, both online via a desktop and mobile via smartphone.

I assume Zinio won’t broadcast some findings such as “if you buy an eReader, then you increase reading paper magazines”, it would be suicidal, since Zinio’s core business, so we assume all those chaps are talking about digital magazines. Fine, all very nice. But has nothing to do with the brand new hardware experience curve? What remains of the experience equity once the “xMas morning frezy” has passed? Are the Digital Value Network(s), including hardware manufacturers, content developers, distributors and network providers, able to glut experiential value into a sustainable proposition?

Interestingly enough, though, a large chunk begins to highlight the idea that users are multi-device, multi-faceted, multi-located and thus need to have their “digital patrimony” always at hand, anywhere they want or are, and over the full range of currently available (and used) hardware platforms. Transmedia Digital Lifestyle again.

Some of the major consumer research institutes will begin to analyse cross-platform reading habits, I will be much more concern about the social mutation, the level of granularity and deepening into social canvass of those changes, to really trasmit whether we are at the edge of an evolution (sustainable) or simply an innovation that is going to be bypassed soon.

Evolution: a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions.
Innovation: something new or different introduced

So, we are we now? Guess work may suggest all hardware gizmos are opening and closing innovation cycles, the combination of Aggregated Value Networks and Sustainable Experiential Value are shaping the Evolution Curve, what is the trigger to the Disruptive Evolutionary Leap, looking forward?

What is really putting us all on a different scenario altogether? There is where the utmost value is..

Would it possibly be the dogma and liturgy of the Transmedia Digital Lifestyle?

🙂 enjoy the ride!

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