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Google TV. Everyone does everything. Some of us do not exist anymore. Digital Transmedia Lifestyle or apartheid

Yesterday Google opened officially its Google TV presentation website.

Some very quick considerations:

  • everybody, meaning the largest high-tech companies on the planet, does everything. It is a digital World after all, and it  is possible to operate in trasmedia modality

Transmedia is a way of following stories between platforms and between media.  It’s that simple.  It could be learning more about your favorite soap opera heroine through a twitter feed set up in her name.  Or it could involve taking part in a massive online game that fills in every detail of an expansive science fiction universe.  Transmedia facilitates the move from passive viewing to participation.  It’s about connection and collaboration.

  • Better still, your own life is a digital story that HAS to be transmedia to make sense to the overall society as we will know
  • High Tech companies are no longer “companies” in the old meaning of the word, but rather digital butlers of us all, serving multiple purposes, helping us sorting out our new “digital transmedia lifestyle”
  • A simple thing such as TV has become the realm of something radically different from the couch-potatoes primary entertainment source. It is vast, it is maybe complex, it is rewarding, it is all-inclusive, it is us, it is a lot..
  • For the above reasons and more to come, a large chunk of the “civilised” population today, is like already dead, surpassed, forgotten. Those uttering “that thing, you know, that internet stuff” are walking deads, those of us refusing to understand that we are moving from paper to something digital are blind and deaf, those without a digital ego are speechless, those who are not digital are the silent majority in a new apartheid.

Is this so? Is it so radical? What are REALLY the drivers of such revolution, no, hang on, EVOLUTION? Industrial profits? Maybe, but it is a complicated bet to play. Incremental innovation? Possibly, but it is a rather steep curve we are undertaking.. Human attitude towards communication? I rather believe the latter, with all its permutations and branching, with all its facets and complexities, it is the real, fundamental engine of it all. The end of last century and the beginning of XXI has slowly disintegrated all certainties, links, previous ecosystems, and in an unchartered territory, what is best to exchange ideas and feelings with your peers, as to regain confidence that what you are facing is no more, no less than what all the others are challenging as well?

From this onward, it is an easy game to play..

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