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Would you like to face an Android?

Android, needless to say (so why you do it then??) the mobile (and not only..) Google OS, is ramping up to conquer nr 2 spot in the worldwide smartphones OS marketplace, according to a new IDC study.

This, I dare say, was somewhat expected for a number of reasons:

  • first and foremost, people like to have alternatives to incumbent. And Apple’s iPhone IS an incumbent in the smartphone arena, quite aggressive one as well
  • like or not, you have just ONE iPhone form factor. This is it. No discussion here on whether it is the ultimate design or else, but billion(s) of different users, in different countries and with different needs and “cultural” approach to the “21st century phone experience” may actually need features such as full keyboards, Flash support to experience the favourite website when on the move, the possibility to slot in an SD… you know, there is life outside Cupertino…
  • the availability of any users’ core applications is pretty much alike, between Apple store and Android’s.. then, if your life is driven by the urge to play “I have got an app for all I may dream of”, then… mind you, we are talking about thousands of apps both sides, and growing.. whilst at it, OviStore may not be up to the challenge..
  • Android grows and mutates, the longer it stays alive and kicking into the market, morphing to match each user experience requirements, and evolving thanks to the experience of an increasingly larger user base…
  • Apple is a #1 company as far as marketing is concern, coupled with stunning design and user experience.. but it is one company. Android ecosystem trascends the boundary of each one of the main players involved, Google included, to become a super-conglomerate of combined value and experience. It actually is an experience per se.
  • Symbian is getting older, effective that it may be. Nokia’s challenge would be on capitalising the impressive “installed base” and move forward.. but whilst doing it, replacement rate, Android’s community aggressive combined marketing efforts and design evolution will pose a major threat to market share.. let alone the combined impact with Apple’s iPhone..

Now what? The explosion of Android also on the tablet, better still slate PCs, as it seems it is happening @ Berlin’s IFA would define a new consumer digital experience environment??


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