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# follow friday, tweets everywhere and my cat got mad!

I got hooked.

I had a Twitter account since ages (this being quite “relative”, I trust..), buth honestly had no intention to tweet about my..my..my whatever.

Then, realising that being curious is a gift not to waste, I got into it..quite shyly at the beginning, and today a little bit more confident. Won’t be the chap with thousands of followers and able to follow masses of people, but in my critical way, I do use Twitter with a bunch of close friends and get info from a rather small circle of “informants”.

Today, one of these friend put me into this #followfriday frenzy!!!

You may know what that is… Anyone is suggesting @friends allover the place, something very much like the Facebook friend recommendation, I have started to follow the hash and got overwhelmed by an hefty flow of tweets, had to turn the PC speaker off, my cat was going absolutely crazy!!!

Now, this is all very nice, but why on earth I have to follow blindly those @godknowswho? I found on another website some sort of recommendation on who to follow, reason why and the like, and got already some nice insights into events, Web advances, comments on social networks, basically it was a good hint!!

But the rest… Is it something like “size matters”?

Or actually the quality of it all will become a factor? But into the social web, numbers are authority. If I have got a huge number of link/followers/readers/whatever, and leveraging the collective intelligence, and the ability of social systems to auto-calibrate for the best, then I do become de facto interesting. Saying what??

I mean, someone with 60K followers in the magic realm of hornpipes won’t really drive me crazy, nor does that person that is retweeting any little hiccup the World produces. So, back to the “if my friend tells me you are good, then you are good”.

Ultimately, then, size does not matter, whilst the power of reference does become a massive factor. Again.

Is then Twitter a way to scope out your real friends, those that really know you, those who really know your interests, the way you think, what is close to your heart? A bit like choosing a little present in a large Saturday market, that very small thing that would perfectly fit into my friend life!

It would be nice, very nice, unfortunately we still have to cope with hornpipes and the likes!!


Fine, this is all a bit excessive, it may be the heat here in Milan (it will be 35°C in an hour or so), be “twitter happy” and God bless.. 🙂

Have a good weekend you all!!

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