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Privacy? Do you SENS some trouble ahead?

Steve Jobs went back in time (was that an app??) when claiming the golden faith of videocalls (something that, rightly said already, 3G phones are doing – but with no end user success of some sort – since ages..), and I got immediately hitchy about “privacy” .. then this!

SENS is a new service (we should be very, very careful with words, as a new friend yesterday pointed out..) which is basically hyper-augmenting your reality. This is the deal: your phone will be capable of displaying what your friends are doing (they will become shadow avatars..), when and in which environment:

The technology, intended for cell phone use, fuses together sensors to detect what a person is doing in the physical world, what the environment around them is doing, and what is happening on their mobile device. The whole thing is useful for on-the-go stalking, to be sure, but it’s just an extension of what we already do with apps like Foursquare and Twitter. But instead of asking users to check in or post updates, SENS automatically detects–and depicts–if a friend is playing a video game, listening to music, or text messaging on their phone.

Now, guess this is somewhat excessive? Clearly, you have opt-in/out capability, but still.. on the other hand there could be endless possibility of nice apps and really-useful-services, apart from simply disintegrating a massive number of relationships! More to come? Eventually, when batteries will be able to cope with everything!!

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