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A demographic dividend will shape the world??

The future is quite a blurry, messed and “chaotic” concept, defined by a huge array of concurrent factors, unprecendented events, unforeseen changes. That is why I have always thought those big-mouth-know-it-all statements on what is going to be were born out of a waste of brain cells..


Information give you the possibility to see through the fog, or at least to define which one of the possible futures it is the one most likely to affect your world… some data from a Booz&Co report are pointing out at India as the going-to-be engine of global economy considering the “demographic dividend” that sets the Indian sub-continent apart from global country system competition.

The report states in 2020 the Indian population will have an average of 29 years, compared with 37 in USA and China, a stunning (negatively!!) 45 in Europe and 48 in Japan, this without considering that around 70% of India population in 2025 will  be within “working age”, rising from the current 61%..

Now, this alone will not suffice for the country success, unless coupled with a systemic advance and fine tuning of all parts to accomodate the greatest asset a country may have these days: a massive force of young people, born out of the evolutionary trends today we all boast, ready to be trained to be a real propeller and not a burden. This also suggests the overall culture of the country should be geared at creating a generation able to take the place of the former one, whilst it is rather sad to say it seems today the older generation still controlling the “power” (economic, political, social..) is trying to build a cohort of “yes-man” totally useless when the future will knock on our doors.

So much for getting wiser whilst ageing..

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