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If content was the king, so how about eContents?!??!

As we all know, the entire ecosystem of digital interactions, both in terms of user terminals, services, and usage patterns are mutating every single day, or better every single time someone is actually producing and launching a new gizmo.. now is “slate” time.. and war, to come to that (courtesy of UnitechBlog)!!

But, but.. since long we have been witnessing a surge of “contents” as the golden nugget inside any tech advance.. for the PC industry in itself, Internet was all about “contents”, advertising was the same, the hardware market has running the race (storage anyone?), and then new form-factor devices to optimise the experience, and then..and then..

Now, the availability of high speed network connections, Wi-Fi (both devices and massive “hot spot” distribution), and also the rise of social networking have all put “digital contents” back on the radar screen and quite likely transform them into the new battlefield for domination (I personally do not trust all that much all business models based on advertising, despite the fact that Google has made more than a decent living out of it.. there will be evolution in this field, more personalisation, opt in, personal adv engines and eBooth to go and control for the ads I have asked to send me, less bothering whilst browsing around..).

Overall, digital contents, eContents have been on the rise for quite a while, GigaOm analysts estimate an hefty US$36 billion, ramping up from the 2008 US$ 16,7 billion, quite a low-ish figure if compared with the very recent Italian Confindustria (the Industrial Association) eContent research that puts a mark at €5,8 billion for 2010 (do I really have to believe that Italy accounts for more than 19% of total market value – Euro @ 1,23 against US$ as of today exchange rate..), 8,8% rise vs last year.  As I said before, advertising may not be the ultimate revenue booster, since the aforementioned research points out that the adv market grew by 5%, whilst paid digital contents business stream posted a nice 10,2% jump…

Anyway and however.. it seems that this is the area we need to analyse and monitor, the rise of digital contents, also including the digitalisation of paper-based documents, will inject new “information” into the wider Web, let people access a plethora of new contents on line, whilst on the move, anywhere really (purpose-driven content availability matrix: please develop the concept before I do and go back being one of the most interesting brain around..!! ), and revamp other IT-related sectors (storage-in-the-cloud, so to allow massive content distribution and some “decapitalisation” of IT)..

Let alone the latest iPad, is the stuff running on it that makes that conglomerate of plastic an interesting object.. usage, user needs, interests.. is “attention economy” back into the spotlight?!?


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