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The Italian Mobile Internet.. a two-fold story (and I am being kind..)

I have just read an article on “mobile internet” in Italy that really surprises me.. some research done by the Observatory on Mobile Internet and Contents of the Milan Politecnico School of Management (a rather simple search item, isn’t it?)(would post the link, but it is unfortunately in Italian.. Mobile Italian Internet..gosh..), shows that Italy boasts some 12 million mobile internet users today (+17% from 2008… ), traditional services over mobile are dropping between 2 to 4% (really!?!?? gosh, that is unexpected, isn’t it???… do come along, please..), and mobile content sales sunk (-20%) due to the creation of “apps store” of some sort..

Now, it has always been a surprise to me the fact that, regardless the globalisation, some lessons are not to be understood regardless.. I do remember that, long time ago, we did some custom work (was in IDC at that time) for a mobile service vendor, and quite interestingly the DoCoMo model was coming into play..revenue sharing, I got the network, you got the service to sell, I got a share, you got your share of money, clients happy, experience unforgettable, market opening, sales growing.

Was not too difficult to understand. And yet we had to wait until Apple decided that allowing a bunch of people across the World to create an incredible array of application was the best way to define the new experience level on mobile environment.

Today we have:

  • 4.7 billion of mobile SIM around the World (consider two or three SIM per user..)
  • mobile traffic that grows with a CAGR of 131% until 2013
  • more than 1/3 of total mobile users will have a mobile internet enabled phone (a REAL one..)
  • users with iPhone are more likely to surf the mobile internet than those without the Apple phone (87% vs 23%) (form factor is indeed a factor!!!)
  • Pizza Hut is making US$ 1million of direct revenues after three months of online selling presence, eBay expects US$ 1.5bn worth of transaction done via mobile internet, 50% of mobile clients of eTrade stated they will ONLY access services via mobile phones, Apple has already got US$ 60million worth of contract for the iAD advertising platform which is not even running yet…
  • (some data courtesy of Forrester Research)

and we, in Italy, do not manage to make some profit out of a de-facto standard situation such as this? After years and years of global marketplaces (indeed, Japan..) telling the same story, with different words?

I am honestly puzzled..

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