Broadband what???

Very briefly.

Data from the OECD research shows that Italy is 21st in terms of broadband penetration, lagging behind anyone, basically. This is a fundamental driver to innovation, systemic evolution and, for Heaven’ sake, a modern country, despite the fact that there are studies determining the impact of broadband on overall GDP (like 1.21% of GDP growth every 10% point in ICT – broadband in this case  – penetration, according to a World Bank document )

Now, provided that data thrown in the conversation count for “food for thoughts”, but still, this is quite an interesting point to raise when discussing about “how to face the challenge posed by the crisis”..

Couple this with  “credit crunch”, mainly addressed to SMEs in a system made by SMEs (90%?? more???), in which bad credits are generally due to the topmost 1% of large companies (53% if I recall correctly), and if you do go down to the top 10% of companies (in size..), bad credits go up to more than 80%…

So, if you do not allow for investments to be made by the largest and healtier part of the economic system, and do not allow for upgrading the economy with the most relevant weaponry, but rather spend your available money in public (useless) infrastructures such as bridges over troubled waters between Sicily and continental Italy, or do not tight up the public expenditure, how on Earth are you going to keep afloat? By serial miracles?? I have been obvious here, but seemingly “obvious” is not that anymore..

Eventually.. we are in Italy after all..

Apologies for being country-centered..

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