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iPhone, iPad, iEverything and the mobile world.. I may buy one of those “things”!

I was at a Forrester Research event this morning, all geared to define and explain a bit of the current mobile environment and how to engage the user base..

The room was pretty full, different kind of people, from the utter Milanese professionals, some rather geeky-looking folks, a fair segmentation between men and women, let’ say a good sample. Advanced users of complex tech ecosystems, I dare say, the tip of the iceberg.

This tip of the iceberg was almost entirely, no, let’s put the mark at 80%, devoted to Apple! iPhones everywhere, therefore most for business usage (it was, after all, a business meeting!!), and to top it up a fair amount of coveted iPad(s)!! The chap next to me had a WiFi-only model, someone in the back of the room was pontificating about the marvels of the new object, how the screen resolution was finally making odd videos looking fab…

Thing is, as it comes out from Forrester data, iPhone users almost double (something like..) the “normal smartphone users” in surfing the mobile web, in using the device to do all sort of things better and to a larger extent than any other mobile phone addict!

I did sort of agree with the analyst (kudoos to you, Thomas, nice job!) that we were discussing about a “pre-iPhone” era and a “post-iPhone”, since all usage paradigms are and will be completely changed. For good.

So, yesterday came in the news about the iPhone 4, a nice attempt to close the gap (am I mad??? Apple has got a gap to fill in the mobile market??) in terms of “lateral features” such as a rather more decent (finally…) camera (at least on paper..5Mpx and a led-flash), a less bulky chassis (yes, iPhone is bulky, so what?), some HD recording features, the infamous video-call back into action thanks to Face Time (do I really want to see/be seen by everyone..ok, opt in/out but say it to your girlfriend/office boss/whoever..)..

More importantly, a new OS (to contribute to the mobile OS war..) that features a bunch of advances such as …Multitasking!!! few, finally.. and a better eMail handling (considering that 75% of iPhone users do actually email – European users data from Forrester), and iAD, the mobile advertising platform..

Stop here, you will be overwhelmed with infos on the new toy but, you know what, this time around I may get convinced and buy one of those “things”!!!At least for the REAL camera that seems to have been put into the iPhone now… I am so happy with the shots I can manage with my Samsung Innov8 Touch.. but using mobile internet quite heavily is not exactly comfortable, albeit there is no problems whatsoever with the website rendering, the touch keyboard or anything else.. it is simply “tiring”… (ok, YouTube on this smartphone doesn’t put me into a blissful state..)

I have to read a bit better about tech specs and so forth, and make my mind around the fact that “being an Apple user” does define you as driving an Honda or a Ducati, going to all-inclusive holiday resorts or DIY your holiday in rural China…

Actually, are we heading towards an all-inclusive mobile resort with the Apple environment? Still, sometimes should be nice to sit down, relax and play away on your mobile without a worry in the entire World!!!

Do we really like it or we have to, since this is the only direction to go?!?!? I don’t know, there is something here that I don’t quite like, something off-tune..


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