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Always connected.. what about me, myself and I?? No probs, got a Big Mother!!!

May 31, 2010 Leave a comment

There is something fantastic in being able not to feel alone in any situation that life may throws at you..if you have been dumped by your beloved, if you don’t know what the heck is an aspidistra, if your brand new iPad (ahahahah!!!) let you down in the middle of a whatever-fancy-stuff-you-were-doing, if, ififififififif, if.. no matter what, you are or could (could??) be with someone, instantly, and not feeling alone, no more dragging you out from the pit with just your own forces, no more. Thanks to connectivity, broadband, 3G, WiFi, anything you use to link your pc, netbook, smartphone to the World.

Instead of a Big Brother, we do have now a Big Mother… no more finding your way out of trouble,someone did already forge your path out of foggy times…

Since there is an advantage in being so hyperconnected, we kept on adding, and we posted, and we allowed, and we posted again, and uploaded, shared, commented, ranked…

Then, you know what, “Privacy” begun to transform from a “legal” issue to protect to currently something to learn about.. and I could not agree more with this.. I truly understand the plethora of possibility, the incredible array of potential, the stunning power of being connected, but should not we go back in learning how beautiful is to walk around and being almost invisible, how wonderful is to get lost somewhere (as one advert was claiming some times ago..), how relaxing is the thought of the World spinning around nevermind you..

I am not certainly saying we “should go back”, but I am surely saying we “should learn how” to be a new human being into a new society canvass. Are we educated enough to understand that the World is also propelling ahead because of someone took his time to sit down and think, in silence, finding a new, real brand new path out of troubles, whatever they were? Are we really “innovating” or instead transforming the shared thoughts into something? Is this innovation or is a way to serve the most, in the easiest possible way, this being giving them what they want? Isn’t this Consumerism to its fullest extent and nothing to do with Innovation? And, more importantly, are we evolving or we are retrenching into sorting out basic but shared needs and thus Icarus is falling back on Earth again??

Or, more simple and less tragic, are we sure we do always have something intersting to say and worth sharing with the rest of the Planet? Isn’t this arrogance?

Just for the sake of argument, mind you…and I am not twitting this..


The Cloud, the iPad, innovation and changes.. really?!?!

May 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I know, I said it before.. but this time REALLY REALLY REALLY I will keep this blog alive!!! OK.. yes.. then..

Yep, the Event!! the iPad is finally coming to the Italian shore, just in time for the Summer season, thus we will witness an horde of tech-savvy people hangin’ around some of the most beautiful location looking and fiddling with the new toy, someone in awe, others wearing smuggy faces when spotting the “uhu???” flashy question mark hoovering on the head of the beach-towel neighbours, others with childish smiles whilst playing a fake guitar, another great app…

Still, the fashionable tablet from Apple (which incidentally has overtaken Microsoft as capitalisation @ NYSE) will massively change the way society will approach technology and IT… and, you know what, if you couple this “innovation” with another massive one, cloud computing, you have created a really nice revolution..

Figure out this.. EVERYONE will be in the position, using two very, very, very old tools named HANDS, and some instruments called FINGERS to access the utmost computing power pressing a silly icon on a screen.. the power you need to, say, transform the set of photos of your toddlers into a nice movie, is not on your “pc” anymore but “somewhere”, and incidentally you don’t care where.. but pressing the “Transfom into Movie” you do the trick, you create the magic, and without having to pass through a “keyboard”… this is to start with, but since you are all clever folks, no need to explain any further.. ah, yep, one minor thing.. you pay when you actually run the application, not upfront and for once-in-your-lifetime use (as I did with Prezi…damn..) (nice tool, though..)

So, two of the most innovative technology solutions could combine to create a much larger innovation and impact.. is it really this simple? Is innovation always there when something comes to the surface, when “it makes the press”??

Some little argument here… Innovation is sometimes a “big word” and a concept we should handle with care… centuries ago “magic” was applied quite often in the wrong way..

I rather think, and love to assume that innovation is not in the objects, innovation and more interestingly evolution is in the brain cells that we need to put into work to give some piece of plastic a decent meaning in our daily life..

pretty much what happened when in the Paleolithic someone found a sharp piece of stone..

It all comes down to the brain.. have we still got one in fully functional mode?!?

Have a great eve!

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