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The Venice Session (2)

Now, this is interesting… PDI Index.. Power Distant Index.. it measures, roughly, the ability of a system to allow those at the lower end of the scale (say in a company..) to comment and disagree the ideas or whatever coming from the top..

Horizontal culture and system, vs verticalism…

  • China more verticalised: 80
  • France, the first in Europe: 68
  • Italy, good second in Europe with 50, and then 40 for the US, 35 for Germany, and the most horizontal society is Israel, 12…

When compared this “index” with the impact of a very horizontal media like the Web.. you do the math, and understand where Internet could either disrupt or die forever..nice food for thoughts, I dare say,..

BTW, numbers quoted by Jacopo Barigazzi, an Italian journalist..

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