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The Venice Session (2)

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Now, this is interesting… PDI Index.. Power Distant Index.. it measures, roughly, the ability of a system to allow those at the lower end of the scale (say in a company..) to comment and disagree the ideas or whatever coming from the top..

Horizontal culture and system, vs verticalism…

  • China more verticalised: 80
  • France, the first in Europe: 68
  • Italy, good second in Europe with 50, and then 40 for the US, 35 for Germany, and the most horizontal society is Israel, 12…

When compared this “index” with the impact of a very horizontal media like the Web.. you do the math, and understand where Internet could either disrupt or die forever..nice food for thoughts, I dare say,..

BTW, numbers quoted by Jacopo Barigazzi, an Italian journalist..

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The Venice Sessions

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Sounds like I should go back and write..

Let’s start with the Venice Sessions.. It is a yearly Innovation event, held in Venice (really?? How weird…), sponsored and run by Telecom Italia, the Italian incumbent telecom operator (again.. redundant explanantion!?!?! )… I am now listening to Ahmad Humeid, a Jordan entrepreneur and blogger (

It is most interesting to notice that the Internet would be one of the preferred channel to improve and foster freedom and innovation, and the work to be done is huge when considering that, for instance, the Arabic version of Wikipedia is still far too small to cater for the needs of more than 600 million Arabic speaker..

Apart from the fact that I thought Arabic speakers were slightly more, but the call for more contents and critical knowledge in the Arabic perimeter is highly interesting…. I have cases to mention in which the attempt to foster innovation in the Arabic world goes via a far to aggressive digestion of “westernised” contents and practices…

Creative Commons, Al Jazeera, Twitter, content production, UGC…all at your disposal to understand and open up your mind..

Nice to be back!! and apologies for having written just few, very trivial words, but heck, before the marathon I have to prepare for the 10 Km and the Half..!!

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