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Learning, performance, knowledge..

Time passes quite quickly… I am drenched into Giunti Labs now, long days, long hours and lots to do..

First and foremost, the actual situation: we do learning platforms. Well, to be honest, that is not entirely true, since digital content management, digital repositories and “objects” do enhance each and everyone’s performances… so, basically, we do not provide only learning platforms and contents, but we do support companies in “making the most” of what they have in terms of knowledge.. or something along these lines..

So, a fine balancing act, and a tough strategic planning to design and implement, quite a daunting task when you come to that.. still, there is a major advantage that I found in these early days, in a word: will.

The entire company, each and every member of the company is willing to change and do more, differently, better! And, let me tell you, this is a great condition to have when moving around with the hat of strategic planner on! Still, life would be easier should I win the lottery, but this is another story!!

More to come!!!

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