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Finger Food (28)

One year ago I was engaged by an organisation to revamp their internal structure and to revise their Web strategy to make the most of the social evolution Internet was consolidating into a massive evolutionary step. So, I said to myself, guess it is about time you do start to participate, dive into the synthetic world, experience to the fullest possible extent.

Now, considering that the entirety of what is around actually fits all, I decided that writing down some stuff would have suit me fine, adding some bits and bobs along the road.. so, one year ago this blog saw the cyber-light!!!!

It has been quite an amazing year, now that I come to think to that, I have significantly changed the way I do work, the way I experience the World around, my thirst for new “things” has exponentially augmented and, in parallel, I notice that the more I have enlarged my personal boundaries (provided I have any at all), the more a subtle feeling of dissatisfaction was crawling alongside the more positive feeling of being exploring a path to the future (or whatever it may be, good fun nonetheless…).. it may be what a professor was calling “mediatic illnesses”… a strange group of pathologies that stem out from the endless crossroads, opportunities, possibilities, connections, informations.. it comes from abundance, pretty much like obesity for the First World countries comes out of the utter food abundance..

Nevertheless, I love being in this time-space location, it is ever so interesting, a damn evolutionary ditch we are about to jump and surpass, love to see what is on the other side.. provided we avoid the curse looming over 2012!!!!

So, whilst I am singing “happy birthday to 88days!!”, you may well keep on and enjoy this Friday’s Finger Food!!!!

  • Whilst the entire World is getting ready for a-smartphone-in-every-hand approach Barcelona seems to suggest, someone is arguing that even a champion of consumer digitalisation such as Apple may start feeling the hard truth behind a recession… a CMO stated that the first cutback in consumer expenditure should and potentially will be in entertainment and then on home improvements.. maybe in US, I recall a similar survey for Italy and we are supposed to cut back on food.. what about all those assumptions are a pile of rubbish, particularly when set up to justify an already-defined position?? My thought, mind you…
  • Future??? Look eastwards, towards the rising sun..

Japan’s 100 million cell-phone users represent the most diverse—and discriminating—pool of mobile subscribers on the planet.

  • I still believe, as it was back in early 2000s, Japan may have some lessons to give out.. watch out in Shibuya, Omotesando and Ginza, should you like to be an high tech leader in the coming years…

Says software engineer Ken Wakasa: “People’s expectations are very high here compared to other regions. That’s why we get good feedback.”

And it is all about “expectation economy”, for those of you still there to understand what the experience economy is (was, fool, was)!! You don’t care? Fine, history will forget about you ever existed at all..

  • Incidentally, most big guys including Intel do believe the World is going to be curious, fast paced, full of expectation and mobile… there you are, dished out.. (more on silicon chips here and here… a nice war is undergoing???)
  • And, furthermore, there is an increased attention in building up conglomerates of must-have brands working sort of holistically together, such as some talks between Nokia and Google are actually suggesting.. markets are getting slightly complicated, much better to lock in customers in a well defined experience than having them wandering about..
  • It is complicated by tech, economies, geopolitical trends and also by the chromosome sets you may have.. men love user-generated contents, women like streaming.. you do whatever you like with these insights, on top of painting gizmos in titanium grey or fluffy pink …
  • Yesterday a journalist asked me about Web 2.0 and its impact over the financial services, and there was a question about what banks do in SecondLife.. going away from it, as it seems… banks may be slightly more worried about the impact of global crisis, and less about avatars… won’t discuss any further, should you love chatting about it, let me know and I will oblige happily..

And, more.. let alone the above mentioned wars and squabbles, the social networking arena is also adding to the scenario complexity, M&A all around… (interesting, if cleared from some silliness such as these..); Murdoch builds up a Web sort-of incubator, whist chatting about with Yahoo..ops… get one out of many Barcelona Mobile World Congress reportsLBS and maps, plus mobile advertising to come, ouch!!

NY Times made the headlines when decided to have a free-for-all Web version of the daily, now it is cutting down by a 100 its editorial jobs…. Japan seems to be out of doldrums..

And, yes, now quitting Facebook is getting slightly less complicated.. not that my post had anything to do with it, clearly!!!

Fine, there we are… I desperately want to close this week, the opening of the next one will be smashing, I have to head a two-days conference in Milan about virtualisation and enterprise 2.0, hope I can report about the outcomes! In the meanwhile, have a nice weekend!!!!

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