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Finger Food (27)

Fine.. I know I have been lagging a bit recently, but to my partial justification, I have got an hell of a lot of things to do, conference to cover plus a deadly number-crunching exercise to pester my days and haunt my nights!! Plus a few more other stuff…

And, to add to the list, today is not much better.. however, I have to collect as much as possible in Finger Food, as to keep you going until the storm subside!! So, there we are, very little commenting, hot links and have a nice ride!!!!

Being on social networks may also be deadly boring!!

On Microsoft, Yahoo and some Google intervention!

And, wow, Yahoo shares are above the MS offer!!! 

Meanwhile, in Japan who owns the Web owns the future, no Yahoo shares’ selling here!!! 

China is opening its eDoors during the Olympics???? 

Firefox Mobile??? Hidden behind your screen!! 

Developers Kit for the iPhone due on February, as it seems! 

A very mobile “mobile phone”??? huh??? 

Motorola on sale and nobody’s opening the wallet!! 

Dubai is increasingly “dubaiest”!!!! ù

And Spain enjoys it!!! 

Global warming?? So do not waste water, then!!! 

More about water and “green development”. 

Incidentally, LG and “green air conditioning..” 

In the Web, an OpenID is marching fast.. 

And, in times of subprime crisis, the Germans stand solidly!! 

Gosh, bit of a run-down version of Finger Food, but I trust this will do for a few days, I will catch you next week, in the meanwhile, enjoy the weekend, some sunshine should you be around Italy and, why not, the rugby Six Nations games!!!!!


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