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Finger Food (26)

Here we are.. Friday finally!!! A slightly grotty weather outside, sort of dump and warmish, welcomes the arrive of the overly-deserved weekend and, clearly, a new FingerFood session, marked by some eye-popping events..

  • The biggest one of which I trust is the hostile offer Microsoft has just launched for buying out Yahoo, a smashing $44.6 billion, aka a 60%+ premium over last stock valuation… it is planned as a potential countermeasure against Google overwhelming power, and yet it is a subtle balancing act the one Redmond is looking to undertake.. merging such as the potential one above are re-defining the marketplace and as such the complexity involved is beyond management comprehension… we shall see more of it, and not sure it will be a nice sight altogether!
  • Ah, by the way, is Microsoft also paying for the proposed acquisition of Maven Networks Yahoo is going to close??? Mind you, peanuts.. $150 million….
  • In the meanwhile, Google is sort of staying put, missing some analysts’ expectations.. the war is about to blow up…
  • So, a nice add is this set of earnings alert… cautious SAP and Sony, whilst Nintendo is still swirling merrily like the jazz I am listening right now!!
  • Once we were cyber… and today we are all greener than Ireland!!! Nice one, it seems green tech investments are outpacing those Web-related ..
  • The US telecom world is getting sort of static and complex at the same time.. say that, after having distributed technology and some advanced solutions, now it is a matter of understanding how to improve service bundles???
  • Incidentally, Motorola suggests it may sell or spin off (you name it..) its cell phone division, given the on-going slipping off in the global ranking since the 2004 Razr success… (an eye on the actual results from Kodak should eventually be a nice reading on how to spin off effectively, or else…) … Samsung climbed at 2nd via superior R&D efforts, ruthless quest for top notch design and an eye to tech specs… there will be what?? An Asian powerhouse to face the full Nokia blow??? nice…
  • Amazon is sooooo busy now assembling Kindles, that you may not find someone sending you a paperback… demand rising, everyone’s happy, then!!

And more.. whilst shopping heavily, Microsoft has got also time to set up an Innovation Lab in Dubai, the war on HD formats is still on despite, admittingly, BlueRay has got that something more in terms of branding capability(HD DVD, please..) … China starts to face the hard truth, being part of the global gotha of market-driven countries comes with some hardship as well..  and, and, and… and I have to jump into an unforeseen meeting before running off Milan for the weekend..

So I must say.. this is it for now, have a nice weekend you all and catch you next week… a busy one, mind you, having to present the evolution of “Homo 2.0” as I called the social implication of the more famous Web 2.0 impact.. than I will be off and give a speech on virtualisation strategy and impact over the Enterprise 2.0 evolution.. gosh.. hope someone will soon consolidate the Something 3.0, I am getting slightly bored… See you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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