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Finger Food (24)

It is a gorgeous day in Milan, the sun is shining bright and it seems winter is out of the way, at least for some time.. it feels like Spring, and these will be our first Finger Food “al fresco” for 2008!!!

  • Web 2.0 or anything .0 is increasingly perceived (finally, for Heaven’s sake..) as a potential business tool, or at least it is appreciated people discuss about markets, business, companies et alia not only in meeting rooms or at coffee machines… StrategyEye is supposed to gather and analyse this amass of blurb… nice one, guys, nice one.. you may end up being bought by some research powerhouse and drop working in London SW borough in a matter of a blink!!!
  • YouTube is still in the leading position…oh, yes, we are talking about videos here.. in this Compete post, there is a clear market picture that suggests how YouTubers are more active than any other video-community on the Web… what is the main differential driving users to roughly quadruple the visits on this site compared to the behaviour of other groups??? Recipe for success anyone??
  • Some time ago, in a far far away galaxy, we heard about Google mimicking Microsoft and blatantly searching for a similar spotlight.. there came the desktop application, the interest in the corporate environment, the “me, everywhere” sort of approach and, last but not least, the .org after the name.. philanthropy is on the agenda of the Fantastic Duo, but as it seems here, it will take a Google-only road..
  • Oracle is back!!! And BEA was then gobbled down and digested! BUT the M&A frenzy is hitting badly, and Sun goes shopping too.. MySQL is on the menu! Nice add for both, albeit of different magnitude and overall strategic and branding value.. will we see more of it??? Some likely picks could possibly be Compuware and Unisys…the industry said..
  • A friend of mine just told me that the UK marketplace is looking for replenishments, people to foster and support the growth..incidentally this was a nice supporting article! And, i we want to consider that in US the situation is heading the very opposite direction (unemployment rising over 5%…), two hypothesis: US is definitely on a crisis landslide, and the global power may shift a little bit over to Europe and some Far East, and there it goes, or there will be another geopolitical trouble spot to sort out with a nice and surgical war… debatable?? Of course, help yourself!!!!
  • By the way, European corporation are increasingly looking eastward… andSouth, to be fair… and where there will be some sort of potential and market development… right, yes..
  • The week has been also pestered by the MacWorld event.. ok, should you be at all interested (and you should, who knows, there may be some directions you may want to tackle…) here are the Day One, Day Two and Day Three roundups… just in case you have nothing better to do!!!!!!!
  • Funny, though… there will be a new definition of “pitch black” coming shortly, since with nanotubes some scientists have created the ultimate black, an hellish substance that will eat the light and give nothing in return apart from that shiny and quite worrying shade of black… mind you, it would look amazing on my motorbike….
  • Nevemind what, SecondLife economy is there and growing… mind you, that “charging VAT” thing….
  • Meanwhile, it seems there is a lot of talking about the “evolution” of the role of Second Life.. I had some little chat with Nobody here, and there are also some projects on how to back up the entire experience of a synthetic world, as to preserve its essence for future reference … the interesting debate stemming from this post is about the determination of value, what is fundamental to be backed up and what can eventually disappear into the dust of time… SL, as possibly the entire social computing evolution, is not easy to frame, since it is fundamentally composed and brought to life by people, their feelings, needs and creativity. Back up that, then…
  • Whilst talking, China is about to overtake US as the leading Internet market worldwide, in overall number of users.. that was not exactly a tough prediction to make, wasn’t it???
  • Rankings, more rankings.. the 2007 top growing web sites!!!  Ok, there is some little “red lights” here, but apart from the obvious, it is interesting to notice the P2P bias of the rank.. now that we are all connected, what’s next??? making the most of the connection, I believe…

By the way, since I believe that the above is more that enough, and considering that I am desperately crying for some early sunshine, I believe I may leave you with this early 2008 Finger Food, with a small recommendation: take your time, slow down, do not get bogged by evolution, IT, the Web, best of all, do not be a “Google generation“.. impatience does lead to skim the surface  and miss the innermost.. to play with words a bit “life is best lived where Googlers fear to tread”!!

Enjoy your weekend, catch you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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