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Finger Food (23)

Jingle bells, jingle bells….. The Christmas feeling permeates everything, people rush around with massive presents, ribbons and wrapping papers are defining the color palette of the city, the sky is ready to cover all with a fluffy white cover christmas_new%20year_0135.jpgof snow… apart form the latest, since Milan is quite warm today and inundated by a glorious sunshine, the rest is pretty accurate so far… to add to the glory of this moment, there are my Xmas Finger Food in all its luxurious display!!!!

Whilst we are all with our noses up to see the first glimpse of Rudolf heading the reindeer pack, the sky give us a naughty galaxy, check the NASA!! Damn… anyway, Xmas time allows dreams to come true, and you may have Gheddafi, the Lybia’s heart and soul leader, sitting in the old Franco’s mansion in Spain and listen to some flamenco.. how weird you can get? You don’t care?? Me neither, and yet building bridges across the Med is not such a bad idea, particularly when considering that the Maghreb is swiftly becoming a massive exporter of gas, and may substitute Russia as the EU gas darling, despite Putin’s Time award as Man of the Year (after Bush a couple of years ago..), is then that the reason behind the flamenco dances mentioned before???

Santa should also uses a bridge over Rio de Janeiro, instead of flying over the city, which seems to be a rough ride given the arsenal amassed by drug dealers and their attitude towards hitting any potential Police helicopter!! What a life, mate, what a life… sometimes it yields nice surprises, such as this Physics professor from MIT, 71 years old, as the next Web star!!

When back from holidays, you may find a new Internet Explorer into your inbox, the IE8 version has just passed a strong Acid2 test..or you rather have a peek at Firefox 3 Beta??? No problems, best served hot!

And more, Xmas recipes from NY East Side, a Nordic retreat for a white atmosphere, London’s lighting up its streets and cobbled alleys, the Christmas jewelery madness in Dubai……

I trust this may actually be enough talk, I may be back before New Year….

I have spent these last few months enjoying this blog initiative to the full, it has been exciting, hopefully interesting but most definitely rewarding in terms of relationships I have been able to build up with some of you, all around the World.

For these, and other reasons I would keep private for avoiding an easy emotional drift, I thank you all and wish you a truly magic Christmas and a magnificent New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!


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