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Death penalty moratorium at UN and nobody cares????

I am slightly concerned… yesterday the UN assembly voted a moratorium on death penalty, 104 nations wanted it to stop, 54 are still believing in death sentence as a deterrent or a solution… seemingly, the Italian diplomacy played a significant role in aggregating consensus, for once it actually did something valuable..

Problem is: I have found no mention of the event (’cause it is an event…) in the Web sites of international newspapers around the globe… from Australia to USA, travelling with the Sun, I have not encountered one mention of it…

Now, I trust that things like “what’s wrong with Hillary’s wardrobe” may be utterly interesting, a massive robbery at Cartier it is also a hit, Amy Winehouse being released will finally let me have a decent night’ sleep, and forth, but I personally believe that communicating a decision like starting to stop killing people by law, on a global basis, is sort of relevant to mankind…

Unless, and this is the scary thought, it is all a fad by the Italian press and politicians, given the present gloomy atmosphere around the political enclave inhabiting Rome it could well be a childish attempt to reinvigorate the national love for the ruling caste!!  (Obviously joking… obviously..)

Could you please help me out on this, and drag me out of embarrassment?? Any news??? Something I have missed???

Ah, yep, merry Xmas…..

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