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Iran, Sinopec and how to shift the World’s axis..

Since long time we have been commenting on how the “nouveau riches” in the World, from a country perspective, are interested in closing up deals and put the flag over unchartered territories, troublesome areas and unwanted pile of sand and rocks, which are nonetheless a hefty deposit of natural resources, brand new marketplaces to pump up or good-for-all reservoirs.

Cash-piled countries or aggressive economic systems are making the press thanks to injection of fresh funds into Africa, economic agreements with rising South American oil power-house (or, quite simply, geopolitical pawns..), in a word there is a sort of Robin Hood economic syndrome that may actually lead to a significant shift in global powers. Oil and recipient markets are setting the agenda on “what is important” in the planetary chess game we are all witnessing.

To add to the series of smart moves, those with the notation “!!”, is the agreement between Chinese Sinopec and the Iranian government for a $2billion oil contract.

To my very humble and potentially limited analysis, this move yields a number of advantages to China and Iran and complicates “the life and history of G. Bush position over Iran”.

First, from now on, Iran is no longer a World thug, but a strategic commercial partner of one of the largest (if not THE largest) economy on the Planet which has actually fed the US public debt with inflows of fresh cash since … ever, to add to complexity. Claims over invading the Middle East country now are no longer an option, or at least the negotiation price to “buy” a World-wide accepted entrance into Iranian territory is most definitely on the “XXXXXXL” side, particularly when considering that all Intelligence reports denies Iran has got, as of today, an uranium enrichment program to sustain belligerent plans. China is booming, economic growth needs to be fuelled, oil is there and it has been bought. China is shopping for energy independence and pawns. And it will be putting all its weight when defending vital interests… you do the math.

Second, this move is a roundhouse kick to the US claims of Middle East politics thought leadership, since it is putting a strain over one of the most sensitive topics ever: money! The message is clear: do you like to have hefty contracts over the second largest oil reserve on the Planet and get your hands dripping with it? Most welcome, but leave alone some silly claims brought over with the Western winds. It is very much like an open invitation to a going-to-be exclusive club. Again, at least someone will have to counterweight this sort of offer, it won’t be enough to pledge an Atlantic alliance, some lukewarm feeling of Western togetherness, particularly when oil is lurking at $100 a-barrel…. economics need to be fed, words are not enough energy..

So, slipping through US fingers may actually be the ever-so-preposterous idea of invading someone else’s country, some sort of links with a few of Western allies (France, the Netherlands and Spain are already in talks with Tehran..) and to top it up all the global dominance as the World’s spinning axis… I trust we will see more of this, the game is far from over, and some diplomacies are more than able to respond accordingly. But beware, whilst we are here talking about ourselves, the rest of the World is piling up forces to keep growing despite the help (as if…) of those bloated and decadent Western economies.

I would go shopping for large suitcases, this xMas season, you never know where life will take you to…

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