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Finger Food (21)

I am so terribly sorry, I have not posted during this week, work has been quite frantic, as always before xMas time, everybody seems to be needing to complete some absurd projects, just in time to go off on holiday and leave everything behind, so to warm it up allover again in January, in a silly waste of time and energy! However, I did not forget to put together your weekly helping of Finger Food and singing carols in the background!!!

  • We are heading, no, better still, we are deep into the xMas frenzy and New Year’s resolutions, so here it is, a first ranking of media predictions for 2008
  • There is always a dark side in the force, and thus with the good come also the bad news.. particularly when discussing about next security threats, we get a chill down the spine… almost…maybe not.. just in case, Microsoft has got its own bug hunters!
  • Spain is heating up to DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) broadcasting, and it boasts double digit growth rate for flat-panel TV sets with integrated DTT decoders…
  • eBay plans a Japanese comeback in style!! That meaning it will partner Yahoo Japan to avoid the pitfalls of five years ago.. two of the largest eCommerce markets will be able to leverage each other’s pluses and combine attention..meaning a US customer can buy in Japan and viceversa, translation is included into the package.. there will be a cosplay generation in US as well!?!?!? Pokemons allover the place?!?!? Seriously, this is a nice global act we are witnessing!
  • Alliances are fashionable these days, and to add to the frenzy TomTom and Google decided to make the most of planet-wide coverage and hit the market with new services … a bit cumbersome to work out, I dare say, still champions are fencing off competition, if possible.. you never know..
  • Everybody goes green, these days, and so Greenpeace has set up the new “toxic tech” ranking…how bad the company is in “being green”.. Nintendo got smashed, Microsoft is along the same line, whilst kudos to SonyEricsson and Samsung… but do we really care?!?! xMas sales will tell..sort of…
  • iPhone frenzy does not stop, no boundaries or veto shall stop its spreading.. and China got the Apple bug as well, and regardless Cupertino stated that China is not on the lucky few lists, hacking has got its meaning.. and there you are, a Mandarine version of the Apple!!! Nice one… provided you always have a tight grip on the thingy, no scratches and no slipping, China is not in the Apple radar as yet, you know, and there is no assistance for the iPhone (as if a real fan would care less)..
  • Don’t Twitter from Dubai… you couldn’t anyway!!! Site blocked….
  • Instead of twittering, or playing nice movies on your fancy iPhone, or listening to music or whatever else you enjoy doing with Apple’s iconic phone, why not a bit of SAP running on it???? Guess IT directors are already crying for voodoo rituals… no further comments..
  • Digging for metals other than gold seems to be a pretty rewarding activity since, as for other basics, demand from the East accelerate… again, it will be fundamental to analyse China’s interest in regions such as Western and South Africa, and the load of cash would ignite new blood into an industry that seemingly lacks of qualified and un-skilled manpower and it is in dare need of technology upgrade. Are we all going to benefit of the above??? Not the miners, as it seems from the latest disaster and massive killings… long way to go before some countries may stand up proudly..
  • The sub-prime crisis is still on the tarmac and yet Royal Bank of Scotland managed to surprise analysts with an above expectation financial results, profits “could now exceed £10bn for the first time”. So much for the global Cassandras..
  • To put it all in context, OECD stated the growth of the 30 largest World economy should slow down from previous forecast by some 0.4% (from 2.7% in May to the actual 2,3% growth forecast), which incidentally is the lowest rate in five years and still “actually not that bad in view of the recent shocks”, said Jørgen Elmeskov, head of economic department… we are all happy to know that..
  • Whilst you can actually celebrate Father Winter on a magnificent SL event!!! One-of-a-kind festival, days of utter maddness, nothing to compare with!!!!!!!! Seemingly…. I personally will head over Italian Alps to snowboard and enjoy the SB WorldCup… and Yahoo doesn’t care about the entire metaverse stuff… as if…

Also, Facebook still makes the press, thanks to a blast in unique visitors in November (+20%), and Dubai is soooo packed with cell phones that Etisalat is launching a new dial code (market growing for mobile services in a while??!?!), and from OPEC there are no signal of augmenting the oil production and ease the pressure on pricing (exactly…)… USA and Georgie are putting pressure on Iran from multiple attack angles, including complicating Ahmadinejad relationship with China.

End of the year’s rankings???? Cool, get over to the Top 10 cheapest and yet fancy ski resorts!!! You may know already I do love London, so here it is, the Christmas Guide to London, courtesy of Time Out!! Pictures from worldwide location about xMas lights, events, decorations, whatever are most, most welcome… if aplenty, we may run a little contest!!!

Whilst waiting, I will be off since tomorrow is bank holiday in Milan, outside is quite sunny, so my idea of going over to the Western Alps for the first snowboarding weekend may be either terrific or a total disaster served with melting snow… nevertheless, have a nice weekend you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: 2007 is almost closing its curtains, and pictures are a nice way to remember events, people and our World as it was during the past 12 months. Thanks to Corriere della Sera and Reuters!!

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