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Finger Food (20)

It is strangely warmish in Milan today, I wanted to have the first glimpse of some Christmas atmosphere, but I guess I may have to postpone … so, instead of pulling out from the wardrobe my snowboarding gear, hit some slopes and look for early reindeers, here we are, Friday Finger Food!!! Gosh, we are turning our Twenties, getting older!!!!!

And also, how hard it is today to be a Chief Marketing Officer??? Tough call, this one… as a sample, check the Zune 2.0 market cycle.. anyone is using that nice player already??

Dell is swinging back, with a nice +27% in profit (34c a share) this third quarter, BUT, since this was one cent shorter that the Street expectations, the stock was smashed…..

And here we are, with the first xMas must-have in tech.. or else the winners and losers in 2007 consumer technology World.. or, even better, a “To Do list for 2008” in personal tech… or, my dear top fliers, these hints may make the very start of your shopping frenzy some sort of a killing for the dollop of credit cards you have! But beware…

The UAE is ready to drop the peg with the Dollar, whilst the Fed is sort of preparing for the xMas rally, cutting down the interest rate of another 25 basis points, an expected event (11th December..) or a rumor but confirmed here.. China is looking at MiddleEast on how to run a fund… I can see a newly born and subtle alliance building, watch out…

Whilst heading for the well-deserved weekend break, fancy a nice book??? Head for the Carnagie Mellon, then, 1.5 million eText already.. I will leave you with this, have to attend a lunch meeting and head off to the coast..badly need some rest, it has been an hectic and long week..

Enjoy the break, catch you on Tuesday, I will be in Turin on Monday to present at the “Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale” (aka business school) about social networks and impact on business strategies… nice one!!!

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