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Vista, XP and that Apple over there…

As it seems, there are these days plenty of research, papers, articles and talks, a seamless flow of words about Vista and its inadequacy for the enterprise environment…

ComputerWorld US, leveraging an ad-hoc research (here), suggested that 90% of research participants are sort of worried about migrating to Vista, and 53% has no intention whatsoever to do so in the short time… the interesting bits are about 44% considering an alternative OS to Vista, and 28% quite keen in having an Apple environment around, which is a stunning statement considering Cupertino has never made such a great entry into the corporate environment..

Quite nicely added by someone else, Microsoft is releasing the Service Pack 3 for XP, which is supposed to boost performance for the old and stable (I thought it was already messy, but heck..) OS by a nice 10%. Apart from detailing what is all about this 10%, the argument is: why on Earth I have then to change over to Vista!?!?!? The panel, despite being 900+ strong, may not be significant in statistical terms as to pinpoint a flex in OS adoption trend, nevertheless, it is worthwhile considering it.

As for the home environment… I have searched the Vista-to-XP downgrade guide and it is now in my possession…

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