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Finger Food (19)

Friday, and have to add “finally”…. unfortunately the weather is really awful, it rains in Milan and there is little hope it may stop in the next couple of days, and to add to the disaster my flat is plagued with flu.. bad, too bad… Nevertheless, we do not want to leave our Finger Food on the table, do we?!!?

  • Since it may be the case that, due to some scarcity in oil supply, someone could begin mumbling about exporting a fair bit of democracy in some other sultanate, OPEC decided it is the case to invest in a greener Earth and explore some add-on to the oil… nice move, chaps, nice move, you never know…
  • Meanwhile, the shaky oil market hit also China, whose demand went a bit down the drain recently… but expect some more wavy goings with a spike in demand, since Beijing is forcing the economy year-end rally (typical on stock exchange….check it out..) and boost production..
  • Is free-trade a forbidden topic in Western countries??? Nevermind, then, Asia is free-trading on its own… and since there is something like a 3.5billion people marketplace there, and high growth economies, that sounds like a nice deal, also if considering some of the results NAFTA produced.. on the other hand, a due criticism is pointing out as these sort of agreements are not “free trade” but adding another bureaucratic layer to the lot.. now, it could be the case someone might learn from others’ mistakes…
  • A nice gathering of top companies acquisition frenzy, which could suggest there is already a campaign to set up the openings for the massive chess game called 3.0… or something along the line, you know…
  • In UAE, the more you dig the more you find oil… now it seems you may find used SIMs and mobile phones, since the cell penetration is around 170%… so, more or less two SIMs per inhabitant, all included, elderly people and new born babies… I heard that story already for Italy, some years ago..
  • And more.. I thought, long after coming back from Japan, that I have been quite lucky for such a trip eastward, now Tokyo seems to prop up everywhere, also as the top destination for a decent meal!! Meanwhile, in Rome, a couple of chaps have got something to do with a cyber-graduation on digital puppetry (ok, that’s the fancy part of a more decent graduation in advanced architecture… still it is great!!! Text in Italian…)
  • Nordic counties are generally speaking at the European forefront in using information technology with a significant social flair added to it, so it doesn’t come as a surprise the fact that the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affair is interested in maximising the impact of virtual worlds.. if you consider that seemingly 30% of top 100 Dutch companies are somewhat involved in Second Life, orange may become the next fashion color in metaverse!!!
  • And virtual worlds make the ranking in top 100 disruptive companies on the annual Red Herring contest..nice, considering that, as pointed out, previous winners were the likes of Google, Skype, YouTube…. let’s wait until December 3rd to know better..
  • You never know, the above winners may well be Europeans, since despite the Old Continent has not a Silicon Valley, yet there is a wealth of creativity that foster “Web 2.0” start ups allover the continent!! Nice… may start something myself..
  • About Web 2.0…. as it seems, LinkedIn is in serious conversation with News Corp. for an alleged buyout in early 2008… which would combine under the same umbrella (and owner..) the social network iconic MySpace with the biz-related LinkedIn.. something like “from the craddle to the grave”???!?!?!?!? Horrible thought of mine..apologies…
  • Is life getting expensive??? The subprime crises smashed your finances?? The rising oil prices are hammering your expenses??? Worry not!! The Web is a treasure cave full of freebies
  • Keep an eye at the Gulf Countries meeting in Doha, this December.. plenty of items on the agenda, from finance and the rise of the Gulf exchanges to the recent westward investments opportunities, the oil debate and global cooperation.. the area is no longer a massive oil field, it resembles more of a global rudder..
  • India and China are the two Big Guns fighting in the East, both in economic terms and as country social systems, and India stroke one point with Mittal buying into Chinese steel.. nicely done, really..

Furthermore, Putin seems to start considering infrastructure as a mandatory advance for the Great Mother Russia, Europe may become the emerging markets’ darling as to offset the US decline, Brazil may become the next big oil exporter thanks to a humongous field (will Chinese cash head for some samba shopping??!?!?), UK asks for abolishing the DRM stuff to boost sales before the xMas frenzy. Google seems to back up with some $10m the “genetics” company 23andMe (the wife of Sergey is amongst the founders..), a sort of DNA-based social network (pay $999 and you get the experience)…comments welcome…

Arab comms leader, Etisalat, is going to move some few dollars (about $5.5 billion..) in African investments.. China and UAE looking at Africa together??? We may be witnessing something disruptive here, meanwhile the EU productivity grows some points ahead of US (1.5% vs. 0,9%), with the exceptions of Spain and Italy (is it by chance that the two local airlines are potential acquisition targets!?!?)..gosh..

Sometimes the Web goes back to show you how a powerful tool it could be, if it is used properly and with a well determined scope.. that is why I like to link the new Amnesty International campaign against torture and violation of human rights: Unsubscribe. Viral can be good.

Now is about time to kick off one long and hopefully not so tedious internal company meeting, will cover most of this Friday so.. have a nice week end you all, and back on Monday!!

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