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Google Android won’t land in Italy

It may be just marketing, as someone said, it may be a strange and more appealing form of crowdsourcing, nevertheless Google has launched a massive, global and rich contest for the best apps developed over (for???) Android. It will be a stunning (for me, at least!!) $10 million … Great!!! The best developers, the most edgy geniuses worldwide will squeeze their brains and type like hell to deliver the most incredible array of mobile applications (sort of, say..). Everybody apart from the beautiful minds of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Myanmar. That is the club of the thug nations, as it seems. PLUS ITALY AND QUEBEC!!!!!!!!!

It is not the case that “pizzaioli” and lumberjacks are on the list of public enemies, but the two countries are out of the contest for some local legal boundaries… the Italian case here is about

  • prizes that must be assigned in presence of notary public and representatives from consumer associations;
  • prizes that are not delivered for any reason must be donated to non profit organisations, pre-listed on the contest rules;
  • the contest has to be registered, via a truck-load of papers, to a couple of different Ministries in Italy and the State Monopoly….

which, ultimately, build up a nice barrier to an initiative that cannot (I assume) cope with “State” but it is geared, tailored, designed and aimed at speeding up a business issue and create innovation of some sort…  so, Italians are out.. apart from the opportunity someone would have had to gain some money and popularity, the entire Italian IT community and the country itself would somewhat benefit (in terms of “innovative” brand, so to speak) from a local developer in the winner list for such an appealing forward-looking project in a fast paced tech environment… and now I would like to read again that Italy is one of the most advanced mobile communication markets worldwide, maybe after Japan and Korea…

  1. Victor
    November 14, 2007 at 18:05 28

    Have you noticed how google android looks like iPhone operational system?
    Compare the functions shown in the videos below:
    What do you think? Will google bring iPhone power to everyone who can’t afford apple products? That would be great 😀

  2. November 14, 2007 at 20:49 21

    Hi Victor,
    nice videos!!! Nice touch from Google to have a “mountain view” as a desktop background..
    You made a point.. what G may actually bring over is a set of highly GUI-friendly apps, the impact of which will depend on handsets quality, h.set price points, localisation and customisation and, clearly, the tariffing behind the entire pack.
    That layout, as shown in the video, may well clash head on with iPhone, graph is a touch rougher on the G set, still, you get more or less the same experience.. if you think about the iPhone, it is more a systemic gorgeous and rewarding experience rather than a massive tech break-through (no 3G, no videos, lots of “no..”), touch screen is “clonable”, flashy animation are “clonable”, the entire iPhone, piece by piece, is “clonable”, what is not is Apple brand equity.
    Now, either you want to buy that equity, and thus you won’t care about the rest, or you want to buy that sort of experience, hence you have a broader choice with an Android-enabled SET OF PHONES, because there may be more than one, several h.set design, different type of phones… pretty much like the ol’days in Japan, with iMode launch!!
    Then, yes, it could well be that most of the features of the iPhone experience will be delivered at a cheaper price, also because the iPhone set the future of mobile communication user experience, either you get there or you may head for the exit… we will see…
    Tks for stopping over!!!!!

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