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Finger Food (18)

I know, I said I would have always and forever be in the office until Friday, ready to capture any glimpse of interesting stuff for you.. unfortunately my unsurpassed skills in presenting and running a conference (ego talk, forgive me!!!!!!) forced my presence tomorrow and Friday at the IDC IT Banking Forum in Milan.. I will chair a session on tech evolution and Web 2.0 impacts (…..), I dare say I have got high expectations… Ok, seriously, I may have very little time in checking the Web and updating the Finger Food, so I have decided to gather as much as possible today and provide you with an earlier-than-usual, but saucy, portion of Finger Food!!!

  • Oracle, and an array of friends, are giving us the vision over the next evolution in IT, social networks and the rest of the pack, the Open World event is held in San Francisco..
  • Whilst Google is playing with Android(s), Yahoo builds up its Asian network to distribute its mobile search features, Yahoo oneSearch, over handsets in the region …. a merciless fight is building ahead?!?!?
  • It could possibly be, but interestingly enough, Google will open up new fighting fronts, since its interest in Simon Fuller, the mind behind American Idol and seemingly the Spice Girls manager, as a potential Head of Development of a new Web TV venture (courtesy of the Spanish diary El Mundo) should put the Fab Duo facing some other Web TV wannabe behemoths (quoted in this post of mine)!! Considering Simon’s top achievements, I may get slightly worried about my evenings in….
  • We pointed out that there was a Chinese flow of cash into African financial sector, and as it seems Africa is an alluring opportunity for the cash-loaded, and forward looking I dare say, companies and countries.. Dubai World, via its Istithmar World Aviation (IWA) Holdings, buys into Djibuti.. a small step perhaps….(mind you, all this excitement after Dubai Aviation Show, again one of the Dubaiest – it means larger than Steve Jobs ego.. – aviation event in the world..)
  • Arguments over the sustainability of growth rate in Dubai and the Gulf region as a whole…it is rather difficult to keep rising pharaonic building projects whilst your working population lives out of $150 and expect everybody to be happy about cracking the back in wealthy DubaiCity.. an unsustainable systemic mistake or a transient hiccup??? I go for the mistake..
  • The weather is turning real cold, and Russia is back on the agenda.. nice post here about the “divide et impera” strategy the Kremlin seems to pursue with EU countries (thanks to the Economist).. and even nicer the notion about having a double measure when facing gains of some sort or losses (the former are mine, the latter are ours..), an issue I may want to have a look at here in Italy, I trust we may have some improvements to suggest to the guys on the Red Square since we made it into an art-form!!!
  • And you believed your over-priced golf club admission was the ultimate career step into the corporate ladder??? Revise, please, your ultimate would be winning the SecondLife contest.. here!!! Conquer the Rock and will be a star!!! Meanwhile, some of the European funds to EU countries have been used to pamper some 18 holes courses … I see, but I believe that is to counterattack the growing appeal of UAE and such, yes yes, there is a method here… weird one…
  • You mention “China” and Apple itself gets all wobbly and panting in expectation.. and the stock rises to significant height for just mentioning a potential interest of China Mobile in that thing, the telephoning apple..

On top of the above, French rampant iconic Pres. Sarkozy keeps on discussing about European growth and culture (whilst enjoying a standing ovation, I am waiting to see the same occurrence when the EU Parliament French presidency will be running the discussion over the agricultural EU policies…), and despite his will to protect Europe, IT managers in UK believes a stronger outsourcing will help speed and efficiency (and India would happily oblige..), and if you thought Web 2.0 was long gone, here it is, jobs that branded are on demand, and whilst at IT, Gore is getting greener in the Valley… . And if you are on the well-off side, you may want to have a look at flights over Abu Dhabi, just in time for this diamond bonanza, also knowing that your favorite fund manager is holding his nerves despite being faced by a Gorgon-like stack of disasters!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

As I said before, tomorrow and Friday I will be at IDC European Banking Forum in Milan, about which I would hopefully blog a few lines on Monday!!!

Have a great week end!!

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