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Sky, customer care and Web TV!!!

The weather is turning cold… this morning for the first time I wore gloves and the air was clear and crisp.. fine, another season, other things to do!! And, forecasting frosty evenings and no intention whatsoever to go out in Milan (apart the odd concerts or exhibitions..), me and my girlfriend finally decided to go and get that “satellite” thing once and for all… Sky, the (in)famous satellite broadcaster, was out with a nice offer, a full blown trial at €15 until February ’08, after which you have to decide the bouquet of your likings.. perfect!!!

As soon as we called in, stating that yes, that was of some interest to us, the nice operator from the Sky call-centre promptly charged our credit card for a €69 one-off charge or something along this line… WHAT???!?!?! We haven’t seen a mere glimpse of a set top box, a smart card, a satellite dish, a technician, let alone the buzz of hundreds of channels and you charge me already??!?!?!!?

A deep breath and some zen exercise after, my other half called in… an half-hour of operators’ bowing and apologies… we end up with an appointment, a hefty helping of “I am sorry, cannot make the reason behind that occurrence…” and there we were, all happy about “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, “Gray’s Anatomy”, “The incredible sex life of the Southern Pole penguins” and such amenities… I took a couple of hours off work this morning to welcome the chap with the dish, I have pestered the landlord to give us access to the roof, I sat on the sofa and stared to an already old, aged, paleolithic TV show on my LCD, anticipating the time it could finally manifest its glory with a decent program from the National Geographic.. and the cold shower hit!!!! Nobody at the door, no long awaited “ring ring”, nothing at all, deep space silence!!! The matter was???? They (call centre operators I believe..) cancelled the contract, for an unspecified reason.. I am closing the options to utter incompetence, total inaccuracy, lack of professionality, inability to digit, plain stupidity…. (I am often involved in speaking at IDC conferences and the magic words “client”, “centric”, “customer”, “care” are amongst the most uttered.. how this is translated into “facts” is hard to fathom, sometimes…)

I began to steam with indignation, then I realised that there was something I entirely forgot!! Web TV!!!!!! Which, on top of everything else, is a nice excuse to go and buy another laptop…

So, the choice may not be exactly the same, but heck, if I try and put together Joost, Miro, try on Babelgum, I should be pretty much sorted out, also considering that there is always YouTube, at least nine others terrestrial TV channels, DVDs aplenty, eMule (ehm, ehm..), plus anything else you may want to go and search on the Web. I will have a nice HDMI/sVideo/blahblah-enabled PC, and my digital vision will be up and running in a matter of minutes… I am wandering if all of the above will suffice my lust for TV shows (?!?!?!?!?!?!) or whether I really have to pay someone so incredibly customer-unfriendly to define my eves entertainment?!?!?!

Someone of you could also add “C’mon, get a life!!”, comment that I take with the utmost consideration and, as such, this eve I will go and enjoy the MAD in Milan, then will hit the gym for a kickboxing session … life is brighter than the Sky, sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!

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