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Finger Food (17)

It is finally Friday, I am at my desk as promised!! I have to admit I thought about leaving early, got something to do this weekend, but unfortunately Italy is under a strike bonanza: tube, trains, airports and a bunch of other socially fundamental services are on hold.. so have to wait until late afternoon to go and catch a train.. and so why “waiting in vain”???? There we are, Finger Food again..!!!!

  • The myth is here!! UK goes crazy for the iPhone, or at least is expected to..
  • Again, sub prime aftermath… it is quite interesting Northern Rock seeks advice from Blackstone (a mortgage lender is taking a mortgage out?!?!!?? lol ), but more ironic the panel of advisors include Citigroup… is that the bank that lost 6% in a day early this week, the bank which CEO Charles Prince resigned due to the sub-prime shock??? Just thinking…
  • A European President???!?!? Quite an intriguing thought, as much as me becoming the next Branson..
  • Your being online, your cyber-identity or simply put all those silly photos of last summer’s hot parties in Ibiza may hinder the professional climber you are?!??! No worries, mate, go over to Wink and sanitise whatever you don’t like (Google may absorb the changes, hopefully..).. and tell that friends of yours to stop taking those shots..
  • In the meanwhile, with the oil at $100 a barrel, China and India eager for energy, pollution at unprecedented level, global warming and the rest, everybody’s looking at contributing to the debate.. Al Gore got a Nobel, Bill Clinton is hoping to get.. you know.. anyway, green architecture is on the agenda… really, everybody, including Brad Pitt.. what a wonderful duo, Clinton and Pitt… still, buildings are supposed to post a nice 38% contribution to total carbon emissions..
  • By the way, the day oil hits the record-high, UAE stock markets went seriously down.. ok, need to clear up the steep growth and consolidate, and still that strangely sounds like a slap in the face…
  • Global economy is supported by the largest, booming Eastern markets?!?!? Partially wrong! The WEF stated it is US and Europe that have the most solid and reliable economic systems (yep, systems, as I mentioned here), and what is more interesting is the fact (know already, by the way) that European Nordic countries (Scandinavian…) are leading the pack of the Old Continent charge, Germany and UK are there. Despite some hiccups, all top 10 countries (including Japan and Singapore) have got a series of commonalities, or otherwise put business environments. I see an attitude here, about how to do things properly…
  • And Europe is somewhat closing the doors to Turkey.. which was a pretty much awaited move since the latest development on the Kurdish front.. still, in my idea of a strong and multicultural Europe, Turkey is an important piece and a bridge we should try to have with Eastern countries…
  • And, finally, there is some arguments also on whether Second Life is an economy per-se, or otherwise a complex product as Gene Yoon, Linden Labs’ VP of Business Affairs, did put it (tks to Nobody’s Fugazi for the link)… Are we back at discussing the issue on SL being simply a massive game someone took a bit too seriously, or SL being a social experiment with elaborated bells&whistles, or another high-tech venture as any other, but rather successful? Monopoly meets the Sims?? Guess someone got really worried about, as nicely stated, having to “micro-manage” what avatars (people, for God’s sake, people!!!!) do… in the meanwhile, virtual worlds mash up with social networks, a virtual super-entity is born??

Also.. BEA is back to $17+ a share, hope is still there then, Apple Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 is in beta testing for fixes in firewall and few other glitches, Cisco declared it could end up investing in China a staggering $7,5 billion during the coming year (and starting with the Alibaba IPO, check on FingerFood (15).. $17,5 million), and who’s going to buy Digg (if anyone…) has to pay $16,30 a user (a bargain..), nevermind Wall Street’s analysts fear an “earning recession” for US companies, and Microsoft is in “turmoil” after firing its CIO due to a violation of corporate policies whilst, on a lighter note, in Spain the Jane Godall Institute launched an initiative to make aware of the urban biodiversity..you should see Milan high streets on sales period… I would also like to quote an article I found in “L’espresso” about the rise and fame of the “virtual assistant”, that is to say an “artificial intelligence” based software with an interface pretty much like the calamitous avatars, and able to gather all the available information and provide you with an emotionally moving, spot on, chatty like answer. Customer services at its best!!! It is a market in steep growth, the report stated a €500 million forecast (by 2012) and, surprisingly enough, Italy seems to be at the forefront of development. For once something we can be proud of!!

Ah, yep, since Milan high-streets are setting up the usual xMas lights, why not beginning to look at sorting out that list of presents, beginning with some nice game, maybe????? Spny docet… Or, should you really be so utterly well-off, here there are, the new motor-bikes from EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan (btw, a friend of mine is also at the show with his electric bicycle company, Bixy, say you read this blog and a discount is in order)!!!

Right.. and if you happen to get lost into Information Tech jungle jargons, here is some qualified help.. you never know, we are all going to be “humanly enhanced” by the Web, one of these days… have to go now, sort out few end-of-week clutters, and there should be a nice weekend waiting, sunshine, motorbike, brother, friends and a boat..

Have a nice week-end you all!!!

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