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Silicon Valley, the dollar and innovation capability

Whilst browsing I bashed into this article/post on the current and future role of Silicon Valley as a centerpiece for evolution, innovation and new companies venture, given the present macro-economic and financial scenario.

Interesting reading, punchy comments too… there are few arguments here that would nicely make for discussion, yet there is a point here: culture.

Quite understandably, the appeal of a lowering dollar as the entry door into the Valley wealth of experience is on the shiny side, and yet it is like playing a game with someone else’s rules. The present measure for business speed, rise and fall, success and failure, and the ability to resurge from ashes into a new flaming phoenix is something you cannot buy at all with money.. my point is each and every country economy is a systemic balance of severely complicated variables, the product of which is the most visible part, the icing on the cake or the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Roughly speaking, China has got a dominant position in labor cost (up until today at least..) particularly when considering the manufacturing industry and some sectors within it, India is the World service provider, main US wealth is the business culture of the “frontier”, the hazard, sort of “danger management”, which is function of the necessity to be at leading edge, in a dominant position, in constant quest for the “strategic power” of waiting for enemies on top of a hill. You don’ get that simply by moving around the Valley.

Moreover, innovation in this context is taking the acceptation of Web-related advance, and this is another systemic variable to consider: not all countries are Web-centric as US are, most of the developed Western systems are Web-dependent, the hot growing economies are Web-prone (at best), but very few countries are centered on the Web. If they are, social canvass, religious heritage and cultural imprint are different, and thus most of those systems use massively the Web, but are not rotating around it.

You may be able to buy a strong mathematician or an engineer at lower price in Bangalore, who will be able to transfer knowledge.. but how would you transfer attitude? And at the speed required to be in a sustainable business strategic frame?

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