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An Android and Google meets the market (with an Asimov flair!)

Here it is.. the long awaited move Google was expected to make to enter the mobile communication industry is clear on the chessboard… albeit somewhat odder than forecast..

Android will land on Earth, and everyone may benefit from meeting the creature… So far, the Open Handset Alliance, the other outer-space creation to build up the perfect landing spot for Android (check here) has signed up companies such as KDDI and NTT DoCoMo, Telecom Italia and Telefonica, T-Mobile and Sprint Nextel. The masterplan is focusing on development, or how to spread the software development kit to anyone interested as to increase the apps production and, basically, the service level required to appeal to already-in-the-know 21st Century customers, which are the less loyal bunch of buyers in the World ever! Yep, ’cause Android is a software platform to build apps upon and not the longed handset the market was murmuring about!!

Mind you, the entire operation resounded of ol’ skool iMode market entry… I give you (developer) the technology, you develop, we share some of the revenue, I own the network and the billing process.. a fairly simple business model aimed at expanding the user base, and it led companies to sign up in 2002 millions of users in a matter of a quarter.. a win-win position…

However, open means.. open, and there are already a number of OS environments in the mobile space Android has to fight for market share and yet are necessary to create a community-based approach: nobody in my peer group, regardless of handset/software/OS has to be cut off from experiencing “me”. So, superior applications, nice features, potentially new handsets and an “ecosystemic” compatibility to ensure global communication capability… Hopefully the Android will follow the Three Laws..

Becoming a “de facto” standard, the most wanted, the sought-after will fit the bill only partially.. there is still the carrier side and the tariffing issue to sort out.. nobody apart from some tech enthusiasts will jump on using Androids apps if the experience is too costly and it reprises some “already seen” features or capability.. beware of the “communication overload” after the “information overload”.. never outguess the market, never..

On the other hand, having the “imprimatur” of carriers and handset manufactures could do a great deal towards positioning Android and its application portfolio into users’ habits set.. the issue is whether maximising the return in the short term or bet on a longer lifecycle and thus aim at permeating the marketplace.

Google generally wants to change the World and make money in the process, I would expect a “farming” strategy to start with.. Steve docet, Apple’s everywhere, you have to face it in any possible digital space, sometime you win, other times you loose, but the battle is against a set enemy.. Google would possibly follow suit, and move from solving a problem to provide an experience.

Whether you like it or not is up to you.

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