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China goes safari… hunting banks..

I believe that most people have noticed that there is a massive economic and geopolitical struggle going on in Asia since quite a long time.. to cut that short (any drill down most than welcome and I would like to discuss it with any of you..), China is today the most powerful threat to USA on Earth, US are building up (or trying to..) a “wall” of cross alliances to limit the energy of the Chinese steamtrain (a revamped friendship with Japan, an attempt to equalize troubles in Korea, missed out badly with Russia..and more..UPDATE: sorry, forgot India in the count!!!!!), and attempting to choke the country in a”war” to control oil pricing (which China is sort of dodging with agreements in Nigeria, Angola, Congo, and South America, plus I believe some rejuvenated interest in nuclear.. want to see that one..) and block some markets …

In an nice turnaround, China is strengthening its presence into the potentially massive African marketplace, via (also…) acquisitions in the financial services sector. ICBC buys into South Africa’s banks enclave… what could be better for China to let some of its cash out to troubled Africa for, say, some rights over the immense wealth the “savannah” actually holds?? Would be possible for China to lead African development and artificially foster the creation or explosion of an easily manageable marketplace, perfect for its less-costly industrial production?? Should check it more carefully, certainly, but nothing happens without a reason, and even more so when considering geopolitical moves…

Thoughts welcome..

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  1. October 31, 2007 at 14:38 53

    ma non ci si perde mica mai, sai?

  2. October 31, 2007 at 16:24 45

    Ciao, che piacere trovarti qui!!!
    No, in effetti non ci si perde, si viaggia, e spesso si torna dove si è sempre stati, in fondo, o dove ci piace sedere ad aspettare!!
    Psssss…. adorabile il tuo “con dispetto parlando”, lo userei volentieri se la mia memoria non fallisse miseramente spesso, grazie al cielo lasciandomi la sensazione di piacevolezza di “qualcosa che non ricordo…”… anche questo sarà non perdersi proprio del tutto???
    Un abbraccio, e … buon ponte!!?!?!?!

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