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Finger Food (15)

Earlier than usual, here we are… I will be heading down to Tuscany this eve, have to spent some time there sorting out few issues, including some family business and a round over my bike (far too long since the last proper one!!!), but haven’t forgot to put together some stuff for you all to browse.. there are few jewels and a funny collection of Web 2.0 you may want to look at.. here we go, Finger Food again!!!!!

  • Social networks risiko rises the bar.. Microsoft into Facebook, as Google was (is… IMAP on Gmail..) into office application.. retaliation theory at its best? Love to discuss about corporate strategy, pressure points and gyro theory with anyone interested…
  • eBay is luring back sellers with.. a 33% price cut, and more to come!! Competition stiffens for all…
  • Cisco goes shopping, just in case WiMax turns out to be a real blockbuster..
  • Gosh… now is about Twine.. no, hang on a sec.. the Complete Web 2.0 Directory!! This is a Frankenstein site we may begin to love (courtesy of Marketing Routes)!!!! And still I am wandering: is it all this necessary, how critical we have to become? Anyone for Web-overload??
  • A new carbon trading facility, to oblige to the phenomena..it is incredible how there will be people able to make money out of a planetary blunder such as this..do we have to expect a price rise for those industries heavily involved into retail markets, such as aviation??
  • Meanwhile, China goes over the Moon (in Spanish, since I started to read back some Iberian newspapers..) which incidentally could possibly divert attention from oil to space for a little while.. it would be nice to see how long will it takes for someone to claim we have to foster democracy on Mars..
  • China on the moon, Japan and USA into mobile virtual worlds!!! Gemini S’town hits the streets.. I noticed Japanese youngsters were deeply buried into their mobile phone, guess this will be an interesting development, as long as the communication capability is the primary focus .. and you do mind the lamp posts!!!
  • And Wii is getting virtual, as VW News states here. Which, incidentally, seems to be the best of two worlds (both virtual, indeed!) to create a powerful customer experience.. at least, on paper! Sometimes, as seen in the past, to combine spikes of market excitement does not yield the expected returns…
  • An update on Larry going shopping (the Oracle-BEA drama..): now Mr Ellison got offended and he wants a clear answer back by Sunday..wow, very much like a Jane Austen hearth-breaking stuff…
  • China is having its Internet champion, the B2B site Alibaba is skyrocketing and asking for some market hard cash … the hottest IPO of the year…..

Some other interesting occurrences, such as the combination of India and Egypt to improve healthcare, with a seemingly mutual effort, and also India is in nice talks with Iran over some oil pipelines (guess Georgie will try and export democracy nearby New Delhi), Italian luxury lifestyle gets kuodos, Maserati doubled its sales in UAE, whilst China will keep down investments to cool down economy and pollution (nice…despite a stunning +11.5% in the last quarter..), EU still wonders how to deal with Russia in the upcoming summit (and I dare add the upcoming winter season.. gazprom..supply…that thing..), the A380 flies over to Australia, and I am off to Tuscany!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice We you all!!!

UPDATE: finally, Oracle gave up the chase… as it seems!! The lions does not always get the springboks….(as the Rugby World Cup has incidentally demonstrated!!!! )

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