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iPhone, then GooglePhone, now what? The iSkyphone???

Nevertheless, here is another contender!!! Skype wireless phone is going to be launched “by late October” in Europe.. considering that most EU citizens, and most of all Italians are “mobile based” rather than PC-based, I guess this could be a “see-what-happen” kind of situation. The phone will be equipped with a “Skype” button (something along this line..) which should trigger a proprietary application, developed by iSkoot (sounds very much like a viking word, which is all the best for a mobile company..), that will magically connect the little thing with the immense Skype friends’ community everyone’s got these days..

The fact that will be under the “3” umbrella, as already cited into the BizWeek article, should actually lead to a rather complicated tariffing scheme, like you have to call your favourite number in New Caledonia more than once a day to get a 15% rebate on each and every SMS you send to people more that 250Km away that, ultimately, will build up against your free calls to… ….. ….

Still, it is a nice option, as if we didn’t have aplenty already, into the “mobile experience” slaughter arena…

More to come (I am afraid!!!!)

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