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Finger Food (14)

It is slightly chilly this morning and I cannot recognised the sky, the colour is some strange kind of pale blue, sort of cold, milky.. this has been quite a strange week, I have been working on lots of small things about the Web, since someone is asking about the “2.0” phenomena (as if all the money in the World would pass through that..), about enterprise security and a small presentation on data challenge within SMBs in Italy..guess this weekend is well deserved.. a birthday party tonight, some friend on the Riviera tomorrow, and that should do…

But, clearly, first comes first.. here we are with something to keep you going for the next couple of days, steaming hot finger food!!!

  • Since most of the planet goes mad with chinese products, and considering that, as stated by the most, the Web is a must-have infrastructure to even begin considering a country a developed one, China goes all digital and virtual… now it is just-in-time manufacturing, as if the batch format wasn’t enough to fill up all coronary units across the Western emisphere with once-successful entrepreneurs and business managers..and VWs are always part of the recipe…
  • Now that the iPhone is out, the other consumer giants battling into the comms space would like to have such a flashy and nice-to-fiddle-about thingy into their portfolio as well.. Everybody wants a friendly phone!!! They want it so badly to share developments efforts (Motorola and SonyEricsson), allow a PC application to customise the phone GUI at will, it all comes down to have incredibly powerful little PC in everyone’s hands.. yes.. nice..
  • There it goes, a new sort of “Celebrities Death Match”, feat. MySpace vs. Facebook… and incidentally you come to think about the money Rupert spent for competing.. waaaay toooo much, it seems..
  • Ms Mayer, the Google cyborg running Search Products and User Experience (what would you do to give out VP titles these days..) is peeping around via Google Health (heck..) for yours health data, to actually help someone’s to find it, or help you to find yours, or help someone undisclosed to find it.. whatever…
  • Considering that Internet, the Web and all its declinations are fundamental pillars for a modern and developed country, the Italian government has thought about a law to tax ALL Internet publications… I would come back to this one only if the approving procedure of the law will go forward, hopefully someone will think through and drop the entire thing before my country get scorned once again at international level..ah, yep, to add to the skills of the Italian rulers: it seems that the crappy (sorry, but sometimes you need to be plain..) official Italy website, Italia.it, could possibly be shut down, due to blatant uselessness..here is the YouTube video (in english…) with the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage boasting the incredible creation.. almost 40 million Euros lost in cyberspace…those are the people ruling out about the Web.. do come along, please..
  • In the meanwhile, the real champions go training to improve.. eBay has launched a new, desktop based interface to boost usability and user-friendliness.. eBay Desktop allow you to do the usual whatever directly from desktop, without opening up your favorite browser.. nice add, and using the new AIR technology from Adobe.. haven’t we said we would have seen more from the PDF Master??
  •  An update: Radiohead initiative (free DRM, pay-as-you-will new album) is getting an hefty 100k download per day (1.3 million and counting..) and an average price tag of about 5 pounds (British pound..) for those that have paid something, there are nonetheless pretty much the same amount of illegal downloads… the CEO of BigChampagne, an online media measurement company, stated the above is due to the unparalleled ease of using a P2P network..

And more from the Web 2.0 Summit (Twitter cast -was- here..) , with Apple going about an SDK for iPhone, Nokia presented Ovi (mmmm, bad name here in Italy, something like “eggs..”, Rupert that would like to trash NYT via a stronger Wall Street Journal (add interactive feature to that, also?? Buy another social network made for dropouts from the Street??? ah.. strategies…), and there is a nice trojan stealing Skype passwords (Skype Defender.. anyone?), the barrel hits a new high at $87.61 on Oct. 16th, and Flickr goes geotagging..and a study from Dartmore Uni states best contributors to Wikipedia are those anonymous writers (no accounts..) and doing it for free, no ego gainings attached..tks all..

Guess this is all for now, I will go and get another coffee to keep me going and  wish you all a smashing WE, catch you on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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