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MySpace loud voice will be heard above the Sky(pe)!!

The very concept of value got an entirely different meaning since the planetary explosion of the Internet phenomena, insofar “value” was increasingly linked to “users” or, more disgustingly put, “eye balls”. Then came the day in which the old World ruler, Money, claimed back its throne and there it was, the Internet bubble….

Slowly but surely, the old remnants of the Internet started to morph and mesh, evolve, develop into new, unprecedentedly seen permutations and those are called the Web 2.0 days, in which the concept of value, again, moved towards more alluring shores, Community and Social Network (again an elegant permutation of “eye balls” to some). This being the present era, it is quite understandable that champions arise and fall, alliances are made and demolished.. and in this context the once-independent Skype, the ever-so-famous “open communication” platform, was bought by the other ever-so-famous eBay, the everyone’s favorite auction site, in the attempt to breed a super-champion (as if we were talking about Varenne…). The attempt failed.

But persistence is a quality not to be overlooked and there we are, another super-breeding exercise on the run: Skype and MySpace, another ever-so-famous social networking site, are somewhat beginning the preliminaries..

This could make some sense, since both companies are involved in the communication arena with a “social” flair.. minor hiccups are found in the presently not so strong (as before) market positioning of both, once the undisputed rulers today are at the most part of an oligarchy..

Whether the voice capability added (going to be added..) to MySpace will revamp the social site, which has experienced a significant drop in visits, pageviews (-20%!!), and a bunch of other variables (data from Compete, August 07 vs. July07…), and more importantly whether users will like to add another way of communicating (also considering that, as it seems from other Compete analysis, MySpace users tend to stick with the site or eventually to drop off altogether and move away – possibly from the social networking two big contenders, the other one being Facebook?!?!?!) .. is it something like the incoming diatribe between convergence-divergence, in this case meaning “I will use the appropriate communication medium (and intensity) according to the people I am interacting with??”. MySpace’s fundamentals were about profiles, bits of digital life gathered for others to see, and with a sort of near real time communication.. if that has to be enhanced by adding voice to the mix I found it quite debatable. Then again, I trust someone have been playing quite thoroughly with the Web tribes concepts…

PS So, why not adding voice capability to avatars, and the possibility to run a sort of “avatar multi-conference” as to interact with several other “Us”??!??! 😉 Endless possibility, but heck, do not beat the drums too early!!!

  1. danielberman
    October 17, 2007 at 17:19 27

    My avatar would bark if it had voice capabilities. check out my website to dude please


  2. October 18, 2007 at 07:56 03

    Guess it would!!! nice one, though..

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