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Wii rules!! Nintendo got up on blue chip ranking!!

Some posts ago, we discussed over the impact of the different gaming experience Wii was bringing in the marketplace.. now that experience translated in a shower of dollar (yen..) for Nintendo. The company, as presented, surpassed the 10 trillion yen mark (how many “zeros” in a trillion!?!?!?!), thus becoming the third in market capitalisation at the Japanese stock exchange, joining the Toyota-Mitsubishi UFJ couple in a elitist club of the “amazingly large companies”…

Now, and considering that those numbers are 80% above Sony’s, as stated, we should appreciate that attention economy, users’ tribes and experience are somewhat fairly fundamental keywords for effective World domination… that provided you are able to discount the “innovation” factor and have build up a nice and smooth self-reinforcing product upgrade strategy.. than, there is something else that comes into play, called “retaliation strategy” which is a factor few managers I have met are able to factor into their cunning plans..

Christmas is approaching, more to come I believe!!!

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