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Creative!!! Got it!!

I have finally decided, or better I have been behaving like usual, the impulse buyer in me got hold of my synapses and the credit card and I bought a Creative Zen, 4Gb..

I played with the new baby last eve, and I am pretty happy about it!

The Creative software suite has been extended to include a media “player” to sort out in a number of ways all the songs that are segregated into at least three different directories and over three partitions and two drives…worked out fine (and should clean up my PC…).

Also, dead easy as usual to choose and load the Creative with hundreds of songs, quite easy to combine and sort out playlists, very intuitive particularly if you have already got a Creative player (I have a V plus), same thing apply for the on-board menus and functions.

Nice and captivating interface, simple to navigate and get to the actual media of your interest: player, FM radio, photo, video… this is the most interesting feature or, at least, the one I was sort of interested, as to cope with some tube delays, railways hiccups or simply utter silly fun… the 2,5″ screen does its job perfectly, and the player has also got an internal codec converter which, albeit not at lighting speed, has put over the Creative an original language version of “This is England”, which I will enjoy at a later stage.. I do not go over all the system settig details, equalizer and so forth… all there for you to enjoy..

Altogether, and considering that the entire stuff set me back of about €150, it is a pretty good going! Ah, forgot to mention, the Zen has also got an expansion slot for SD / SDHC cards, which brings up the overall memory capability to a theoretical max of 36Gb (since Toshiba has announced a 32Gb SDHC …. ). However, plenty of room for anything you want!!! Light, handy and sleek, tends to get smudged a little bit, a silicon cover could be a nice add (nice, sort of..) (get the black one…) and would also avoid some of the scratches the player may get whilst into my messenger bag fully packed!

I still have to play a full movie and see whether the declared 5hrs of video playback are actually there or else, nonetheless the first few hours with the Creative are pretty cool!!!!

Virgin Radio and the old “Jump”, Van Halen… have to go..!!!

UPDATE: for those of you that may be interested, here is the review I did on Cnet, together with the other users’ comments!!

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