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Ads in a virtual age..

Once upon a time, a world called “Advertising” was shaken by the advent of a new specimen, the “Web Surfer”, which was compromising all the evolutionary theory keeping up the Advertising planet as we knew it… that specimen had an extremely effective mobility, thus allowing for a superior confrontation ability, he/she was incredibly skilled in finding things and confronting them, he did eventually developed a communal conscience, and thus the opinion of his/hers peers was infinitely more valuable than the one provided by the oligarchic powers of Advertising..

Little by little, and with the help of some undercover Technologists, Web Surfers evolved into Avatars… a small and yet very powerful community of so-to-speak super-surfers, able to mutate from a mere purely virtual existence into a simul-physical appearence, albeit byte based. Avatars complicated Advertising a bit more, since the exchange of information and sensation would have improved from a virtual to virtual basis to something slightly closed to that one typical of a mythical world called Real Life, in which people were once made by flesh, oddly enough, and they were able to see each other in person, to speak about oddity!!!, and all events, objects and occurrences were discussed and judged, accepted or scorned via a plethora of concurrent communication methods: words (wow!!!), physical expression, body language, and few more refined tools..

The Advertising rulers, having not the faintest clue about the first batch of the new specimen, the Web Surfer, got completely lost with the advent of this radical evolution of the species… worried about their very existence, scared about a planetary-scale revolution potentially able to depose them once and for all, rulers of Advertising suddenly decided to foster collaboration with the least revolutionary wings of the new species, in a revamped version of the old “if you cannot beat them, join them” motto.

Here we are, then, hybrids such as this new guardians of the Advertising world are set to see the light of dawn any time soon, and the free rides along the Web of those revolutionary Avatars and their predecessors, the Web Surfers, might be gone forever…

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