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Finger Food (13)

I have got here, in front of me, the “How to spend it” weekly magazine from Financial Times, and provided that you have something left to spend, there is a “magnifique” Orient Express revamped that is stirring my attention and longings, particularly in a Friday morning with a nice weather outside, the usual suitcase packed and a burning desire to go, just somewhere else..

And yet, it is time for our Finger Food, so there we are:

  • Yesterday it was the card games at the “bar sport” (a typical Italian social institution of some far gone times.. basically a bar dedicated to sports, where you generally used to talk about football, car racing and the like, whilst playing cards and lose baaaadly out with some 70yrs old folks…), the football game with the mates, the Sunday “Serie A” or the car Grand Prix… today is all about PS1-2-3 and the PC… we love our PC more than the other half of our personal moon??? gosh… no wander birth rate is going down..
  • To sustain the above, better to support the need of detaching ourselves from the electronic world, even the myth himself sometimes hit the road.. Tim O’Reilly goes travelling!!! I trust he has got his computer with him, though..
  • In some of my strategic presentations I do stress the fact that enterprises today should use IT as a sensing system to detect every significant modification and change of status within a given environment (internally and externally to the company..). Now, this is taking the matter a tad too far…
  • Since the business environment, with the arrival of those alpha geek stuff called Enterprise 2.0 (in a bash of creativity, I must say…), is getting even messier than before (it was quite enough to deal with Web 2.0…), companies feel like a boost in their intelligence is most needed… and there we are, SAP, the German enterprise software behemoth, goes shopping for (trumpets, please!!) Business Objects, a $6.8 billion bill… again, crunching numbers to death may seem a winning strategy for most companies.. to have such an array of solutions it is like putting a 500bhp engine under your old car… provided that it works, are you able to drive it???? They never learn, do they???
  • Google goes mobile… more mobile than today… newly mobile.. whatever, Google bought Jaiku, which is, for the “not in the know” a company that.. they… I mean.. ok, this is it, directly from the source:

Q: What is Jaiku?

A. Jaiku is an activity stream and presence sharing service that works from the Web and mobile phones. Jaiku, Ltd. was founded in February, 2006 by Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen from Finland. The service was released on the Web in July 2006. Jaiku is based in Helsinki.

Ahhhhhhhh, sort of Twitter but mobile!!??!?!?!?! Still, nice add to Google and more to come, I believe…

  • So much for Web 2.0, it is rather a matter of being part of the 10oGbps Internet2 club!!! You get over the geeky details, I fasten my virtual seat belts…
  • Also, get them tighter in preparation for the Next Big Thing in software Intel is hunting down, in its Cool Software voting esercise… cast your preference, and allow a poor developer to become a multi-billionaire!!! as if…
  • The Virtual World conference in San Jose is giving out some goodies, such as inDuality, to jump in and out of different VWs in a blink and without having to suffer virtual personality distress (tks to OpenID, as discussed here, tks Woeful for further commenting ..)
  • Also, Linden and IBM admitted they are working together to give us a superior and more efficient VW experience, again basing the statement over the idea of an open standard to allow browsing into different VWs.. I am not exactly convinced that the “open standard” concept will have an easy birth and a hassle-free childhood, let’s wait and see…..more here!
  • Furthermore, there was this announcement, about HiPiHi (VW leader in China) and Millions of Us (VW agency) partnering to enlarge and boast the Chinese market.. HiPiHi was at IBM’s conference on VW open standards.. all makes sense, and what about factoring in the restrictive approach the Chinese government generally has on Internet-related issue? More to come..

And EU companies are not spending enough in R&D according to a recent study, meanwhile Standard&Poor’s stated the Emerging Markets are outperforming the developed ones (gosh, surprisingly enough, I dare say… ;-)), and MTV will overcast the muezzin in the Arab world (arguably a good thing, let’s hope for a nice..mashup!!), Ballmer admits “Google is the leader” as for search and advertising (wow…), Berlin has been definitely put on the Premier League of EU cities in terms of openness and creativity brushwood (we knew there was something going on there..!! ), plus I would like to initiate a discussion about the power of “divergence” (quoting Dean..) in our byte-based life and in life altogether…why boasting convergence capability when humans are complex and multifaceted??? Let’s start a counter-hype then!!!

Guess this is enough to keep you going, see you all on Monday, and enjoy the weekend, maybe after having a laugh at the “Last year Web history of Mademoiselle Britney Spears“!!

I’ll go trailrunning in the meanwhile….


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  1. October 16, 2007 at 11:55 22

    I happened to know abourt Jaiku from Teemu Arina few months ago.. he just wrote about it, have a look:

    Valleywag and many others are so off the record with the analysis of Jaiku being a Twitter clone and rival. I don’t see the core value or features being the same at all. Jaiku is older than Twitter and there is one thing the American’s don’t understand about the service: 3G enabled stand-alone application on your phone frees you from the intrusive nature and limitations of SMS and provides so much more. Jaiku also does lifestreaming rather than presence updates. Twitter is like American’s discovering SMS and Jaiku is like finnish people doing mobile communications right.

  2. October 16, 2007 at 13:30 09

    Hi Roberto,
    quite agree with you, particularly on the “lifestreaming” issue… again, it is a matter of tech legacy, this being the Web for personal comms in USA and cell comms in EU. And yet, also on a PC-based lifestyle, I rather have a comprehensive and all-inclusive “lifestreaming” app (as to avoid living on multiple cyber-clones of myself..)

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