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Apple iTouch, Creative Zen or Samsung P2???

I spend, roughly, around 2.5hrs/daily with my MP3 player on… public transports to go back and forth from home to work, gym three times a week, couple of hours, office God knows… 1Gb is currently not up to the task, I end up listening to the same stuff simply too often, and I am lazy, do not want to change the entire music collection every couple of days..

So, let’s change the baby, and whilst at it why not some video playback options???

Now, the basics are: min of 4Gb, FM radio as well, a min of 2.5 inch screen, openness to do whatever I want with whatever format (audio/video)..ah, yep, do not want to spend a zillion for something that will be surpassed in six months time..

Apple iTouch, Creative Zen and Samsung P2 are all sort of fitting the bill… what do you reckon???? iTouch has got some flashy features, plus web navigation… Creative has got all in it, plus SD expansion slot and apparently a strong codec conversion software, Samsung is sleek, and has got Bluetooth for file sharing….

Asking to my elite community to give out a vote, pinpoint your favourite, drag me out of uncertainty!!!

Waiting for your inputs, most welcome really!!

UPDATE: Got the Creative!!! And here is an usage update

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  1. October 12, 2007 at 14:14 53

    Purtroppo carissimo non capisco granchè l’inglese, e me ne dispiace perchè scrivi cose molto interessanti…
    buon fine settimana
    e a presto
    p.s. il tuo nome?

  2. October 12, 2007 at 14:21 59



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