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Our world in 3D

I have already mentioned that, as of today, VWs are a superb 3D communication medium, and as such should be considered. Today, the 3D capabilities of VWs have been (seemingly) extended in a massive and very powerful way. Multiverse Networks, a company based in Mountain View (must be the air in that place…), will deliver a “platform” to create virtual environments  based on Google’s 3D Warehouse and G-Earth captures. The ultimate mashup so far…

The possibilities are endless, I believe. Certainly the entertainment industry and online gaming may produce some nice outcomes, but also the open source community could have a massive go at it and, why not, challenge some of the largest gaming companies on one or two titles, particularly when development will take the form of a “wiki” work, with everyone contributing with own’s ideas and stuff from the media scrap book in drive E: …

Also, that would open up a playground for the tourist industry, allowing anyone to experience a place without necessarily being there (that would be a tremendous interactive brochure, wouldn’t it?)..now, since the tech running in the background is currently set to support just a thousand of concurrent users, that would possibly cater for a premium experience for some “already alive” VWs… and what about a boost to the eCommerce and eBusiness industry??

And more to come..

Now, the overall feeling is… JUST GIVE ME A SEC!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely incredible the pace evolution has taken, and the immense wealth of opportunities, ideas, projects, technology that can be combined to create something that was not even remotely there a month ago. The extreme power of the so-called Web 2.0 is simply this: put together things and allow people to play with it, and put together those new things and allow people to play with it, and put together those new things and allow people to play with it… a creative “nuclear” reaction set to blow the established and know territories away. In which way, form and intensity is yet to be understood, if it ever will.

Yesterday we were pointing out that relying on numbers when working at the edge of chaos may actually prove somewhat useless, or at least partial… 24hrs after that, I repeat that the most important asset you may boast when analysing such a mutating scenario is a superior connection between your right and left brain hemispheres, since our parallel processing capabilities are constantly challenged. Someone could call that “an open mind”..

However, enjoy the show!

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