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CEATEC in Tokyo

I know, I did promise to write about my Japanese trip, but since I have landed back over to Italy, I had sort of lulling the experience, everyday a little bit more, every now and then going back to check few pictures, or an article, or some TV show, or.. something like this, the consumer electronic show CEATEC  in Tokyo (a summa of articles if you follow the link..)!!!

For those of you that have been over to Akihabara, there is no need to explain, for the others… it is, provided you like or love technology, like throwing a toddler into the research and development department of Mattel and Walt Disney combined together!!! A Middle-earth of adventurous bytes, never-seen-before tantalising electronic creatures, cavernous subterrains packed full of treasures and blinding lights of colored cathedrals … an amazing experience, truly remarkable!

You know what?? I love this creative buzz, and I sadly pity those who do not even perceive that something is massively changing… OK, fair enough, it is not all about VWs and electronics, but whilst we are at it…

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